Episode 95 - Architects of the West Kingdom and Forbidden Lands

Normality is resumed (well apart from the ability to meet up and play games in person) as we return to our regular show format. Andy decides to update us all on his mattress purchasing while we mull over the tabletop gaming news from the last few weeks. We then go a bit more in depth to look at Architects of the West Kingdom and the Forbidden Lands RPG..
Polyhedron Collider Episode 94 - 2021's Most Anticipated Table Top Games

Its the beginning of the year, so its time to look forward to following 12 months and the table top games we are hoping to play in 2021. We'll be running down of the board games and table top roleplaying games we are looking forward to playing over the next year, as well as get our listeners to tell us their most anticipated games.
Polyhedron Collider Episode 93 - The Best Games of 2020

Aliens, bins on fire and memory foam arse prints! It can only be the Polyhedron Collider best game of 2020 podcast! We look back at the last 12 months and pick our favourite games we've played this year as well as some other dubious awards and of course our game of the year.
Polyhedron Collider Episode 92 - Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars Rebellion, D&D 5E

Scraping the barrel of what's been played, the boys from the PHC piece together a fresh episode from the ashes of 2020. While talking about the rumoured new Arkham Horror game, we reminisce about the great Battlestar Galactica. Andy and Steve then talk about a recent play of Star Wars Rebellion.

We then delve back in the mailbag to talk about beginning to play RPGs, D&D 5e and beer.

Polyhedron Collider Episode 91 - The Godfather, Arkham Horror: Final Hour and Alien: Destroyer of Worlds

With lockdown in full swing we've had to go back in time to talk about the some board games. Andy sends Steve to sleep with the fishes in The Godfather: Corleone's Empire and then try and banish the elder gods in Arkham Horror: Final Hour.

We then talk about the latest cinematic module for Alien the Roleplaying Game, Destroyer of Worlds and all agree that its quickly becoming our game of the year.

We round of the episode with a delve into the mailbag and talk about solo games and playing games over video. And by the way the name of the game Steve couldn't remember was Onirim.

Polyhedron Collider Episode 90 - Back to the Future, Agemonia and Lost Ruins of Arnak

Andy, Sid and Steve brace themselves for Lockdown 2 with another episode full of tabletop gaming chat. We celebrate our victory at a recent escape room before casting our eye over Agemonia, Back to the Future Dice Through Time and Lost Ruins of Arnak.

A question from our listeners leads to a discussion on the merits of virtual tabletop platforms such as Roll20 and Foundry and we reminisce over are best and worst RPG moments.

Episode 89 - Escape the Dark Sector, Tekhenu and D&D Essentials Kit

Andy, Sid and Steve pour themselves a beer, dry off their socks and sit down for another 90 minutes of tabletop gaming chat. 

We review 80s inspired adventure game Escape the Dark Sector, melt our tiny little minds with Tehkenu and go regale you with our spoiler free thoughts of the Dungeons and Dragons Essentials Kit and its Dragon of Icespire Peak adventure for D&D 5th edition.

Join us in welcoming the newest member of the PHC family, Sid, as he joins us to discuss the new Heroquest, Canadian board game cafes and not being able to hold our alcohol anymore.

He then into some in depth chat about Tellstones, the latest game from Mechs vs Minions studio Riot games; Star Scrapper Orbital the upcoming Kickstarter from Hexy Studio; and Heart: The City Beneath, a crazy game about going deeper underground. 

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