20 Nov 2014

Peteresen Games bring Theomachy to English

Peteresen Games bring Theomachy to English
To me one of the great opportunities for Kickstarter is to bring games that already exist to new markets. MAGE Company did it this year with Höyük, bringing a popular print and play game into a published game. There’s a whole world of board games that us in the English speaking world haven’t even played and so to bring the card game Teomachie to the world Historical Games Factory and Petersen Games are heading to Kickstarter to make an English version of the card drafting game.

17 Nov 2014

Interview: Andrew Sheerin on The Hen Commandments

The Hen Commandments Interview
Usually the most controversial thing that happens in the board gaming world is the forums on Board Game Geek getting upset that their latest board game needs a mobile phone app but eight years ago Terror Bull Games courted genuine controversy when they decided to make a board game about the War on Terror. Now Terror Bull Games are back with The Hen Commandments a game where you take spiritual guidance from a chicken.

Demonslayer: Siege of Mt. Kunlun Review

Demonslayer: Siege of Mt. Kunlun Review 
Since Dominion first hit the scene there have been a lot of deck builders. The concept of steadily building and optimising your deck of cards over the course of a single game has proven a very strong game mechanic, whether it be the primary or as a secondary system in a game. When a new deck building game hits the market it’s got to be something different, something fresh in regards to theme, mechanics and implementation. Demon Slayer: Siege of Mt. Kunlun promises something unique in its theme, based upon Chinese mythology it has something western audiences haven’t seen before.

14 Nov 2014

Interview: Wylliam Judd on Friends and Foes

Friends and Foes game board Wylliam Judd interview
Friends and Foes is heading towards its final few days on Kickstarter but it’s not too late to get the lowdown on the game. So I sparked up a conversation with Wylliam Judd, the designer of Friends and Foes, and we talked about the game’s development, finding the right artist and bringing MOBA elements to board games.

Mind the Gap - MIND: The Fall of Paradise hits Kickstarter

MIND: The Fall of Paradise hits Kickstarter 
I was about to start this piece of news by talking about my favourite science fiction novel, where the AI overruns mankind and cripples its entire infrastructure. Then I realised this happens at the end of the book and is kind of a huge spoiler so let’s not go there. The reason I was thinking all this is because MIND: The Fall of Paradise is a board game that simulates this cataclysmic event. One player takes on the control of the power hungry AI and the rest of the players are the rebellious humans attempting to spoil its nefarious plots.

11 Nov 2014

I can haz Smash Up expansion

Pretty Pretty Smash Up
Smash Up really is a game that could go on creating expansions forever. So far we’ve seen a whole host of new factions, from cult movie and horror icons to internet funnies such as pirates vs ninjas vs dinosaurs armed with rocket launchers. I really am surprised with not seen fantasy heroes and space marines yet but give them time. Smash Up’s latest expansion sits very much in the internet meme category and its favourite colour is pink as Alderac announce Pretty Pretty Smash Up.

10 Nov 2014

Friends and Foes on Kickstarter

Friends and Foes kickstarter boardgame 
Friends and Foes is evoking a fantasy version of Galactic Arena, the science fiction gladiatorial combat game that we previewed a couple of months back. Galactic Arena had its issues (the biggest of all was a poorly written rulebook) but Friends and Foes appears to sideswipe these with logical card driven actions and a more straightforward ruleset. In Friends and Foes you’ll team up with a like thinking group of fantasy archetypes to kick the magic wielding, armour wearing snot out of another team of fantasy archetypes.

8 Nov 2014

Warhammer 40,000 Conquest Review

Warhammer 40,000 Conquest Card Game Review 
Warhammer 40k Conquest is a solid card game that works well with its theme but is currently lacking in card variety.
Since the release of Rogue Trader, the Warhammer 40,000 universe has spread across multiple games, rules iterations and media. From the original tabletop miniature games, to board games, video games, books and even ropey films. In Warhammer 40,000 Conquest The Card Game (to give it its full name) the grim dark future of the 41st millennium has been recreated in a customisable card game (and not for the first time I might add) but can a deck of cards truly capture the iconic characters and epic conflict of the setting?

6 Nov 2014

Game of Thrones The Card Game 2nd edition and an LCG Overhaul

Game of Thrones The Card Game 2nd edition and an LCG Overhaul

Wednesday was Fantasy Flight Games’ LCG State of the Union address. This is where the company communicates with its LCG players and talks the current state of the game catalogue, tournaments and gives news on upcoming changes and events. The big news out of the event was a second edition of A Game of Thrones the Card Game and a change to the legality of LCG cards that can be used competitively.