There’s more news this week than you can shake a stick at, though how shaking a stick at something is a metric for anything is beyond me.  It’s barely an SI unit and has that stick been properly calibrated? Is there traceability on its origin? Has the stick shaking been taking place in a controlled environment? It just makes you want to hark back to pre-decimal days. 

So this week we present to you several Cow’s Grass (look it up) of news.

Pour yourself a large glass of your tipple of choice, get yourself comfy, and get ready for another session of top quality board gaming chat from the boys at Polyhedron Collider.

Jon’s news ferrets have been hard at work, gathering the latest news and the hottest Kickstarter. When it comes to games, Steve is getting sticky with Folded Space and Vektorace, Andy goes down to the woods with Root and Jon conquers the solar system in Onward to Venus.

We then dive into the mailbag, and have a surprisingly mature discussion when we are asked if the board game bubble is about to burst.
Century Eastern Wonders - Plan B Games - Board Game Review

Psychology is an interesting subject. Not just because many years ago in a pub I (foolishly) proclaimed it’s “not a real science” after many jars, but because it affects all of us in different ways. We’re predisposed to like or dislike certain things, find stuff tasty or disgusting or, in my case, buy stuff because we’ve had a single good experience with something similar in the past. For example, Stonemaier Games, my fascination with E46 BMWs or Steve’s weird obsession with anything Lovecraft.
News Collider – Board Game News 6/2/2019

It’s amazing what you discover when panning for golden nuggets of board game news.  Today I learnt that Ascension is still a thing, and that psychical expansions are still being made. And do you know what, it made me smile.

Other things that might make you smile are a new version of Castles of Burgandy, a Mystic Vale video game and the end of The Big Bang Theory.

era medieval age

Its time for our weekly out pouring of “ooh, look at the shinies” as we collate some of the brightest tabletop game news from the last seven days.

Speaking of shinies we have Matt Leacock’s latest endeavour, which you can be seen in our header image and there isn’t a disease in site (because all the plague ridden rats will be in the basements), as well as all the latest news from Portal Con.

Call for the ambulance, because the boys from Polyhedron Collider have got a fever for cardboard, as well as a severe case of acquisition disorder.   We go through some of the games we have been playing over recent months, including Dice Hospital, Detective, and Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig.

Stonemaier Games - Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig

Avid readers of this blog and listeners of our podcast will be aware that I have a bit of a soft spot for all things Stonemaier. Despite this, I raised a quizzical eyebrow when I saw the teasers for Between Two Castles of Mad king Ludwig, which incidentally sounds like more of a mashup of a few reality TV shows. All we need now is to Strictly Get me out of a Jungle on Ice and we’d have the set. 
News Collider - Board Game News 23/01/19

It's Wednesday so that can only really mean one thing, it's board game news day!

This week we look to the heavens and gaze upon the red seas of Mars. We dream of terraforming it only to find it's infested with robots, Skrulls, and roll and write games.  So join us as we discover Legacy games from Stronghold, Big Trouble in Little China and some beautiful Harry Potter miniatures.
Awesome Games Coming in 2019 Part 3: Traditional Publishing

So it comes to the final section of our 2019 preview, those games coming to our shelves via conventional publishing means and not crowd-funding. Last year it was a tricky part of the list to complete, this year it has been very difficult and a testament to just how much sway Kickstarter has over our board gaming hobby.

If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to check out our top picks for the games coming to Kickstarter over the coming months, and the games that we backed in the past that we are most looking forward to receiving this year. Also you can hear Andy and I discuss our top picks in our latest podcast episode.
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