Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 5: Eclipse, Galaxy Trucker, Blood & Fortune, Aya and Ominoes

The boys are joined by Elora for some sensible and reasoned perspective as we talk about Eclipse, Galaxy Trucker, Blood & Fortune, Aya and Ominoes.

We also start getting very excited about the UK Games Expo, talking about Codenames Pictures, Everdark, Guilds of London and the Nine Worlds. We also get into a pub fight between Eurogames and Ameritrash.
Leaked Images Tease Arkham Horror Card Game

A leaked image online has suggested that Fantasy Flight Games next living card game is going to be Arkham Horror, meaning yet again that our rampant speculation was correct!
The UK Games Expo 2016 Preview

It's just a two weeks to the UK Games Expo, the UK's largest tabletop gaming convention, held at the Birmingham NEC between the 3rd and 5th June. There's plenty to be excited about; games, shops, cosplay and even more games but if you're still not sure what to expect we've gathered together all the new and shiny games you'll get to see at the Expo.

Some of these will be fully released retail versions of the game that you can take home with you. Others will be early demo versions, allowing you to get the first chance to play the game before it hits retail or Kickstarter. But they will all be new games that very few people have played before.

Keep coming back as we’ll be updating this list as more publishers and designers release news of their upcoming games.
aya board game review

Imagine someone had created a cooperative board game out of domino rally. There you go, you've just imagined Aya and to be fair I could leave the review right there.

In Aya you and your friends have discovered a new land and are travelling inland via river, exploring the untouched wilderness and photographing the local wildlife and breathe taking scenery.

TIME Stories Under the Mask board game review

If you read my review of A Prophecy of Dragons, you'll know I was disappointed with the previous adventure for TIME Stories, the time travelling cooperative game which I still believe is one of the best cooperative board game experiences on the market. Thankfully, I am happy to say that Under the Mask is a return to form, a fun puzzle and adventure that gets everything just right.

TIME Stories is a mystery and as such your experience will rely on not knowing the puzzles ahead so I'm going to attempt to keep this review as spoiler free as possible. However, there will be some very mild spoilers from here on, so if you want the Under the Mask to be a complete surprise then come back later.
New Millenium Falcon for X-Wing

We told you so! When the Forces Awakens trailers hit, showing off all the shiny new images for Star Wars Episode VII, we saw a glimpse of some new ships and wrote about how they might appear in Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game and Star Wars Armada. Many people, quite rightly, called us out for rampant speculation, especially with regard to a new Millennium Falcon model, but we were right.
The Polyhedron Collider Podcast Episode 2

The Top Gear of table top gaming come together yet again to talk about all manner of board games.  Steve talks about getting to play an early copy of Dark Souls, Andy explores the new world in Empires: Age of Discovery and Jon sets sail in the Curse of The Black Dice.

We also answer questions from the mailbag, talking about meeting our favourite designers, our magpie approach to games and the requirements of cultivating a neck beard in order to play magic.
Res Publica 2230AD card game review

When I was a kid I used to collect Panini Football sticker albums, not because of the football, I hated football and still do, no it was because of the collecting. You would go into school with your half-filled sticker book of perm and mullet wearing soccer stars and your collection of duplicates and go through the ritual of swapping stickers with your friends, often to the chorus of 'got, got, got, need, got'. I mention all this because Res Publica 2230AD boils down to replicating that sticker book collecting but with sci-fi aliens and an even more limited vocabulary than my 8 year old self.
Interview Cast - Mythos, Hunt for Red October and Labyrinth

Welcome to the Polyhedron Collider Interview Cast. These interviews where recorded on the show floor at Salute 2016. First we speak to Paranoid Miniatures about their Lovecraft inspired miniatures game Mythos.  We then speak to Jack Caesar from River Horse about The Hunt for Red October board game and finally from Alessio Cavatore about the upcoming Labyrinth board game and the My Little Pony RPG.

Many thanks to Paranoid Miniatures and River Horse Games.
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