Join us in welcoming the newest member of the PHC family, Sid, as he joins us to discuss the new Heroquest, Canadian board game cafes and not being able to hold our alcohol anymore.

He then into some in depth chat about Tellstones, the latest game from Mechs vs Minions studio Riot games; Star Scrapper Orbital the upcoming Kickstarter from Hexy Studio; and Heart: The City Beneath, a crazy game about going deeper underground. 

Too Many Bones - Cover

Polyhedron Collider Cactus Town Review

Don’t be so easily misled by this game's appearance.  The cartoon standees, the bright colours, or even the name, Cactus Town is a surprise of simple asymmetry.  A simple ruleset, a skewed action programming system and a Western movie-style theme all come together to create a dog, cat, mouse and cheese game of chase that unfolds into a fun story told in under an hour.

Steve takes a look at Tellstones: The King's Gambit, the latest tabletop game from Riot Games. 

Tellstones will only be available direct from Riot Games -

Giant Book of Battle Mats (Volume II) Review

Steve takes a closer look at the Giant Book of Battle Mats Volume 2 by Loke Battlemats for use in your Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder games. Go check out Loki Battlemats at 

Steve reviews Streets, from Sinister Fish games and designer Haakon Gaarder.
Polyhedron Collider Episode 87: Raiders of the North Sea, Under Falling Skies, Streets

Jon claws his way out of his baby-induced sleep-deprived fog to join Andy and Steve for another hour and a bit of top board game banter. In the news we explore Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything and the UK Games Expo Awards

We then take a deep look at Viking themed Raiders of the North Sea, protect the world from invading aliens in Under Falling Skies and become property moguls in Streets, the new game from the developers of Villagers.

Episode 86 of Polyhedron Collider is the best tabletop gaming podcast ever made, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong!

The best thing about Polyhedron Collider is the news about that Restoration Games trademarking the name Heroquest Legacy. We get excited about the chance to play the best board game ever made in legacy format, and quote lines from the best YouTube video ever made.

The best thing about Polyhedron Collider is the review of Agra. Curry is the finest meal in all the land, and perfect for feeding to tired workers in this Indian themed euro worker placement board game.

The best thing about Polyhedron Collider is the discussion about Everdell. Look at the badgers, the foxes, the weasel, and the enormous tree that blocking the board. Actually, forget about the tree. Lets just put the cards on the table.

The best thing about Polyhedron Collider is the review of Alien the roleplaying game. Explore the bleak expanse of cold dead space, while being terrorised Xenomorphs ready to rip out you throat and spill acidic blood all over you.

In our last podcast episode we talked about varies map-making software for making maps for you Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder games, such as Inkarnate, Dungeon Painter Studio and Dungeondraft. Steve takes a look at Dungeondraft from Megasploot and attempts to recreate a classic AD&D 2nd ed map from issue #53 of Dungeon into a map ready for his D&D 5th edition games in Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds.
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