Welcome along to another analysis paralysis inducing chat with the boys from Polyhedron Collider, who are cruder than normal in celebration of episode 69 (dude). We analyse the latest tabletop gaming news, talking about the latest events in board games and pen and paper RPGS and then get into some deep and meaningful game chat.

In this week’s episode we talk about Matchify, get in a very quick game of Ragusa and have a rather deep analysis of heavy euros Pipeline and Barrage. We then pop over to Ireland to save the world in Mournequest.

Kickstarter Highlights - Donning The Purple Votes and Virtues Expansion, District 9 The Board Game, Fired Up, Yedo Deluxe

This week’s Kickstarter Highlights sports the strap line “The Remake, the relaunch and the expansion” because it features, well...a remake/second edition, some Kickstarter relaunches and a PHC much anticipated expansion. 

News Collider Board Game News Cludeo Removes Replaces Room Kills Character Funko Pop Dungeons and Dragons Origin Award Changes Pandasaurus Elizabeth Hargraves

In a world full of unpredictable tariffs, trade wars and the seemingly never ending Brexit saga we can at least rely on board games for some stability…

I beg your pardon?  They’re changing Cluedo? Cludeo!?  And the Origins awards?  And what are those cute figurine things...D&D Funko Pops!  Has the world gone mad? 
Kickstarter Highlights - Board Game Book, Merchants Cove, Successors, Solar Storm

Did you miss me?  It’s okay, I understand, look we all need a little break from Kickstarter now and then, and sometimes there just isn’t enough new stuff to warrant bringing to your eyeballs.  Here at Polyhedron Collider we don’t simply pay lip service to any old campaign, no, we’re only going to talk about games we (well, at least one of us) is actually interested in, or in Andy’s case, are backing backing.  

So, this week we have a heavy wargame, a book, some asymmetrical shenanigans and a very challenging co-op. 

Your spaceship is heading for disaster. It’s been caught in the gravity well of a star and the engines have decided to conk out at the worst possible time.  The only solution is to divert power from all the other systems in the ship and jump start the engines. The problem is that the ship is very close to the sun and systems are starting to get damaged from the rapidly increasing heat levels.  

In Solar Storm your job, is to race around the ship, rapidly fixing the ship’s failing systems, while at the same time attempting to kickstart the engines and get out of there before it all gets hotter than the inside of a McDonald’s apple pie.
The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 68 - Sagrada, Quacks of Quedlinburg and Solar Storm

Prepare yourselves for another generous helping of tabletop gaming chat, as the boys from Polyhedron Collider talk all things board games, card games and RPGS (as well as some rambling diversions regarding Jon’s taste in TV programs and Andy going to a festival).

In this episode Jon tells us about his first Dungeon Mastering experience in An Ogre and his Cake, Andy cooks up explosive potions in the Quacks of Quedlinburg, Jon talks us through the stained glass dice builder Sagrada and Steve gets dangerously close to the sun in coop kickstarter game Solar Storm.

Sagrada Board Game Review

I have something bordering on a fetish for pattern matching dice drafting games, and Sagrada from Floodgate Games is a really excellent example of a game that scratches that itch.

You and up to three fellow players (expandable to a total of 6 players) will compete to make the most beautiful stained glass window from the very finest colours and shades of glass. When we say glass, we’re not talking about a scene involving a winnebago in the middle of the desert, we mean dice with the shades represented by the various numbers on the die faces.
News Collider Board Game News HASBRO buy Entertainment One In Focus Monopoly Socialism Ludii Project LOKI

Welcome to the Hasbro edition of the News Collider where we can share with you all the exciting and stupid things HASBRO are doing like gaining the rights to Ghostbusters, Pepper Pig and The Walking Dead.  Releasing what could potentially could become the most despised edition of Monopoly and becoming the custodians of the Dr Dre/ Death Row Records back library.

In non-HASBRO news there's a really interesting and super geeky board game based avenue of archaeology for future generations to want to be when they grow up and Board Game Geek launches a new advertorial video series.
Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell A Board Game of English Magic Review

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell a Board Game of English Magic is somewhat of an enigma, a puzzle, not simply in terms of what you, as players, do in the game itself to thwart the Gentleman with the Thistle Down Hair, but rather, given its ...pedigree...how it ballsed it all up so magnificently.
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