17 Sep 2014

Tabletop Towns returns to Kickstarter with Hab Cubes

Tabletop Town Hab Units 
Tabletop Towns, the creators of cheap but great looking cardboard terrain, have returned to Kickstarter with a set of science fiction habitation units.

14 Sep 2014

Galactic Arena Preview

Galactic Arena Kickstarter Preview 
Storyception Games are beginning their journey on a very ambitious project because Galactic Arena is intended to be the first in a series of five games from the Greek developers that explore the world of galactic conflict that is The Apocalypse Universe. Characters will move between RPGs, tactical board games, dice games and card games.  With such lofty goals it’s important that the first game in such a series hits the ground running and provides a compelling universe that players want to return to. Does Galactic Arena achieve this? The answer is; almost.

5 Sep 2014

The Spoils The Basic Box of Awesomeness Review

The Spoils The Basic Box of Awesomeness Review 
There’s going to be a lot of tip toeing around in this review because it's hard to talk about The Spoils without mentioning the M word. It’s the elephant in the room because The Spoils takes so much of its DNA from another more popular collectible card game I’m going to try and avoid drawing comparisons until the very end.

1 Sep 2014

Eminence: Xander's Tales has hit Kickstarter

Eminence: Xander's Tales 
Eminence: Xander’s Tale, the card collecting video game we featured a few months back, has hit Kickstarter. Influenced by the triple triad card game from Final Fantasy VIII, Eminence blends the card battling and collecting features of trading cards games and mixes them with an exploration reminiscent of Pok√©mon and 8 bit Zelda titles.

7 Aug 2014

Warband Review

Warband Review
The armies of darkness are gathering and you and all the other fantasy races have to put aside your petty differences to face a common foe. Unfortunately old habits die hard and even though you are united to fight off the armies of the enemy you’re going to do your best to prove that your fantasy race is the best at kicking out the evil invaders. In Warband you act as the leader of your typical fantasy race and your job is to fight back the Darkness and gain prestige for your race by defeating armies, getting your troops into cushy captain positions and gathering intelligence on the enemy’s forces.

25 Jul 2014

[redacted] Preview

Redacted Board Game Preview
Can I interest you in a Ferrero Rocher? [redacted] is a game of spies and bluffing about to hit Kickstarter. The ambassador is holding one hell of a party but you’re not interested idle chit-chat and hazelnut chocolates, you’re here to get the top secret dossier out of the building.

15 Jul 2014

GCT Studios announce Rise of the Kage

Rise of the Kage ninja boardgame news
GCT Studios, creators of the beautiful looking Bushido miniatures game, have announced their very first boardgame in the form of Rise of the Kage. Designed for 2 to 4 players, Rise of the Kage will see players working cooperatively as a team of ninja attempting to take down the Takashi clan.

12 Jul 2014

Your Kickstarter is Rubbish

Funding Unsuccessful - your kickstarter is rubbish 

At this very moment there are over 150 active tabletop gaming projects on Kickstarter. 150! That means you need to make your project stand out. I get to look at loads of Kickstarter projects and there’s nothing worse than looking at a project and knowing that it isn’t going to fund. The game itself could be absolutely awesome but if your Kickstarter project is terrible then its chances of funding are severely reduced.

Now I’m not pretending to be some form of Kickstarter expert here, and I can’t promise you millions, jet skis and Kickstarter success but I do see the same mistakes happen over and over again.  Here are the top 8 mistakes I keep seeing and what you can do to fix them (I couldn’t think of two more and no number 7 won’t shock you).

11 Jul 2014

Emergence Event rules emerge

Emergence Event board game rules
Megacon Games, purveyors of the Mercs miniatures game, have released the work in progress rules for their upcoming space exploration game Emergence Event.