Polyhedron Collider Episode 103 - Ankh, Tinner's Trail, and Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps

Fuelled by some budget doughnuts, Andy, Steve and Rory get together for another episode of custard filled gaming chat. Steve is in denial at his lack of strategy in Ankh: Gods of Egypt, Andy grabs a Cornish pasty and heads to the mines in Tinner's Trail, and Rory pleads Game over Man! as we get eaten in Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps.

A Viking’s Tale is a tactical card game for 2 to 4 platers. Gain fame by leading you Norse Clan to glorious victory by defeating wolves, sea monsters, giants, and undead.

In this video review, Steve gives his first impressions of the game.

It’s on Kickstarter now

Episode 102 - Who Goes There? Dune Imperium, Against the Darkmaster

Getting distracted with episode 100 and the UK Games Expo means we have a tardy, but bumper episode for you. After consuming our own bodyweight in patisseries, we take an in depth looks at Who Goes There, Dune Imperium, and Against the Darkmaster, before delving into the mailbag and answering important questions on wedding attire and our favourite RPG modules..

UK games expo 2021

This last weekend was UK Games Expo 2021. Andy went along and saw a surprising amount of game considering the smaller event.

Instant Encounters for Dungeons & Dragons 5e Preview

Instant Encounters are a set of boss level fights that you can drop into any Dungeons & Dragons 5e game. We got to play them and its going to be a few weeks before we can talk about them on the podcast - so here's Steve with a short video.

Five years ago, three geeks walked into a pub, and several fine ales later decided it would be a great idea to start a table top gaming podcast. We've now recorded many episodes of board game and RPG reviews, discussion and ramshackle nonsense.

To celebrate our 100th episode we choose our top ten best board and roleplaying games to review and discuss, and get well wishing messages (kind of) from folks like the Broken Meeple, The Secret Cabal and Who Dares Rolls.

Polyhedron Collider Episode 99 - Vaesen, Tales from the Loop, and Forbidden Lands

It is an accidental Free League tabletop RPG review special, as we discuss Vaesen, Tales from the Loop, and Forbidden Lands. We also discuss a leap from TTRPG to silver screen, as we discuss the leaked photos from the filming of the Dungeons and Dragons movie.

Board and Dice and the Magic Beans (Children of Wyrmwoods)

Board & Dice recently sent us a mystery package which contained a copy of Escape Tales: Children of Wyrmwoods and three beans.

Where they magic beans? Was this a puzzle?

To find out Steve had to grow them.

Good news, we finally talk about board games on this board games podcast! Now that lockdown procedures in England have been ever so slightly loosened, the Polyhedron Collider boys brave the changeable UK weather to try and get some board games played in person. Steve and Sid play unlock Star Wars and get hustled by a four-year-old, while Andy paints us a picture of Canvas while wearing colourful underpants in Iwari.

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