Kickstarter Highlights Calico, Hierarchy, Rome and Roll Necronomicon Tiny Epic Dinosaurs
Hold onto your wallets, because it's yet another week Kicksatratre craziness ready for you to splurge your hard-earned (or ill-gained, we don’t judge) cash on.  This week we have a heavy euro roll & write and the latest game in the Tiny Epic series. We also have the internet staples of Loftcraftian horrors and cats.
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Much like a game of Monopoly, the world of board gaming news never stops (or should that be never ends?), so we’re here with yet another roundup of this week's hottest tabletop gaming news.

This week we’ve got news of Asmodee’s move into book publishing, walking round the annual potato on a stick festival for charity and Exploding Kittens getting a huge investment.

It’s almost time for Europe’s largest tabletop gaming convention, and arguably the world’s largest gaming convention. We are of course talking about Spiel in Essen where hundreds of games will be launched demo’d and sold.

With such a huge array of games available, join Steve and Rory as they take you through their top picks of the show.

Kickstarter Highlights Sumo Gnomes, 1565 St Elmos PAy, Sub Terra 2, Skinny Minis, Senet Magazine, Oathsworn, Heart RPG, Grand Carnival

Soooooo many games!  

There's just loads and loads of great campaigns running at the moment and here to help you navigate this bountiful and luxurious cardboard landscape is the Polyhedron Collider Kickstarter Highlights!

Some of the campaigns mentioned below have been running for a little while now already (we've only just spotted them in time ourselves) so pay close attention to the end date and get involved if it sounds like your type of game.

Don't forget that not only do we look at new campaigns you'll also find links to previously mentioned games at the bottom of this article.
Sumo Gnomes Kickstarter Review

A game called Sumo Gnome should immediately conjure certain images to mind, primarily, that of a sumo wrestlers who also happen to be gnomes.  Obviously.  It should also bring some gaming assumptions along too.  This game is super small, super light and delivers a quick slap of dice based gaming combat.

Two sumo gnomes square off on a tree stump, one gnome in the blue mawashi and the other in red (each stylised on a six sided die), the goal is simple; push your opponent off the stump.
News Collider Games Workshop Action Figure Marvekl Comics New DnD, Wendys RPG, Awards BGG

We have a bumper News Collider for you this week to hopefully make up for the recent lack of News Colliders.  

Within you’ll discover news of awards, team-up, and firings, there’s updates and guesses of great things to come too.  So make yourself a cuppa and put your feet up with the very best of board game related news.
1066 Tears to Many Others Board Game Review

1066, Tears to Many Mothers is an all-out offensive two player game covering one of the most important events in English history, the Battle of Hastings, you know, the one where King Harold took an arrow in the eye.  This game, from Tristain Hall is carefully balanced, nuanced and heavily detailed pulling from pretty much every page of the Doomsday Book.

It’s taken me a little while to write this review, primarily because of how detailed this game is, my first impression left me wondering if I had missed some key strategy to the game but it also left me with a feeling that I needed to explore the game further and upon doing so I found a deep and rich strategy game.

Grab your pen and pencils, your favourite dice and your silly voices, because it’s time for the Polyhedron Collider boys to talk about tabletop RPGs.

We’ll be covering Andy’s recent Tyranny of Dragons campaign for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, looking at some tasty Kickstarter roleplaying games and answering your questions about pen and paper RPGs.

Kickstarter Highlights Titan, Godspeed, Forbidden Lands, Root RPG, Carbon City Zero

This is just the beginning.  We are on the road to Essen Spiel 2019 now so expect a slew of amazing games to be making their appearance not just on Kickstarter, but everywhere, but this being the Kickstarter Highlights, we’ll keep our scope limited to crowdfunded games.

This week we have a number of debut designers, as well as a smattering of RPG veterans, bring us new and exciting games with twists on familiar concepts and mechanics.  So whether you’re looking for a light, medium or heavyweight game, or a new RPG system or campaign, we’ve got you covered.

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