Board Games News Collider Entertainment One Hasbro Treasure Chest of IPs, Kickstarter United, Games Workshops Head of Sales joins Steamforged GAmes, Avengers Play Dungeons and Dargons

This week’s News Collider is a bit of a flashback issue as we continue exploring and discussing some evolving news items including the Hasbro Entertainment One acquisition, the Kickstarter Union as well as noting that another member of Games Workshop’s senior team has left for greener pastures.

And then we talk about the latest Disney Pixar movie.

For me, whenever someone mentions an architect, I get an image in my mind of a slender chap in a city centre studio apartment, wearing a rollneck top, rimless glasses, slicked back greying hair and a taste for jazz. Pretty much all the things that I am not, aside from my greying hair. Time, it seems, makes victims of us all.
Polyhedron Collider Episode 79 - Paladins of the West Kingdom and the state of the industry

Andy, Jon and Steve return for another dose of tabletop gaming chat. We talk about the newest member of the PHC crew, Andy’s delivery of On Mars and we talk through the latest news, including out top picks for board game IPs we want to see as video games.

We take a good deep look at Paladins of the West Kingdom and then have a good long chat about the current state of the board gaming industry..

Polyhedron Collider Horrified Board Game Review

There is one problem with writing a review for Horrified, the latest game from Prospero Hall and published by Ravensburger and that is where to start gushing about this lightweight, horror co-op game. 
Board Game News Collider Ancient Viking gaming piece discovered Archetype EntertainmentStudio from Wizards of the Coast New Co CEO for CMON and Licensing Manager for Asmodee

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something...rude?  This week’s News Collider is looking to the new autonomous games studio from Wizards of the Coast headed up by former Bioware writer, and then leaps back a few centuries to early Viking invasions of England before taking a quick look at some of the happenings going on in the world of board gaming business.

The boys are back to the normal format after the Christmas and New Year excitement, and they’ve obviously forgotten how to record a podcast.

We look at Isle of Cats from City of Games, and Architects of the West Kingdom from Carphill games before delving into the burgeoning mail bag and answering questions about miniature games on Kickstarter, how can production be improved and Andy playing with his meeple under the table.

Polyhedron Collider Kitten and Tinderblox Boardgame Kickstarter Review

Dexterity games, it seems are on the up and up, and mint tin games are cool too.  And cats, (nearly) everyone loves cats.  And fire.  Let's face it fire has always been cool.  So here comes two mint tin dexterity games about flaming, one about cats and another about fire.  

Both games are about stacking components, but they come at this goal from difficult angles, one is about speed and precision, and the other is about careful and considered balance.      
Board Games News Collider New Warhammer 40 Animated TV Series Dishonoured TTRPG, Adventurers FAte New DnD Board Game, The Last God Sourcebook 5e

This week's News Collider is an RPG feast!  Which makes complete sense because all the cool kids are playing tabletop role-playing games now anyway.

There are announcements about a new licensing deal here, near the dessert table there's a "surprise" sourcebook, fundraising giveaways over next to the soup terrine, naturally, there's a board game adaptation around somewhere too.

But there's more to the News Collider than just RPGs this week though, so grab your cuppa and read on.
2020 Most Anticipated Games Best Arriving from Kickstarter PArt 2

This is the Polyhedron Collider Most Anticipated Games Arriving from Kickstarter in 2020…Part Two.

Part One is here and you may have also missed our list of Most Anticipated Games Coming to Kickstarter (that we know about) in 2020 (Part One and Two) but basically these are the highlights of the various Kickstarter Highlights we brought to your attention throughout 2019.

The final part in this series will look at games coming straight into retail, until then, these are the games we collectively backed at Collider Towers that we are eagerly awaiting.
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