Writing a review of a miniature war game isn’t as straightforward as writing a review for a board game. For most people a board game is going to be a completely standalone affair; everything should work straight out of the box and you shouldn’t need to add expansions to make it work. However with a table top battle game you’re going to expect to add extra units, add extra factions and even have some form of wargaming table and scenery to hand. Therefore to review Warmachine we’re going to split the review into multiple parts. This first review will cover the Two-Player Battle Box as a single entity. The second part will cover the game as a whole.
 One of the reasons for doing a first impressions section of this blog was to cover games that I won’t ever play again, because I don’t want to. The game could be dull, convoluted or just plain broken. It’s a testament to how many great games there are out there that there’s very few games I won’t touch after just one game. However, you do have permission to shoot me if I ever attempt another game of Peloponnes.

One of my criticisms of Arkham Horror was the lack of any background information. One area I felt was particularly left out was the other worlds that the investigators visit while trying to seal gates. So here’s a look and the backgrounds and origins of the other dimension in time and space.

I was 4000 miles from GenCon but last week my Twitter feed exploded with news, photos and session reports. Here are the snippets of news that stood out.

When you think about it, Tolkien has a lot to answer for; without his little tale about a short hairy bloke and a magic ring we wouldn’t have the high fantasy genre we all know and love. It’s true that goblins, dwarves and elves existed in various folklores before Tolkien but it was him that brought them all together into an epic tale about returning a ring.

It would seem that online collectible card games are like buses, you wait for one to come out and then a whole ruck of them comes at once. With the Kickstarter announcement from Gary Games it would seem that there are not one but three video games based on the collectible card game format in development.


It looks like the U key on Gary Game’s keyboard needs replacing either that or the game is about forging Earth’s sun. Either way Gary Games, those blokes behind Ascension, are attempting to kickstart their way into a digital collectible card game. They’ve got a bit of help from some bloke called Richard Garfield, you may have heard of him as being the designer a little card game called Magic. In other words this looks like a bit of a dream team. One of the nifty features being advertised is that way in which your cards can gain experience and evolve over time.

What’s this you say, a look forward to the most anticipated games of 2012, when we’re already over half way through said year? Well yes, first of it’s a shameless rip off of Fire Broadside’s article (a blog you should pay a visit to if you’re remotely interested in board games or miniature games) and secondly because even though many of these game shave been out a few months I’ve not had any chance to play them. It’s also curious how many of these games are from Fantasy Flight Games.

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