Burning Suns is a galactic spanning empire building game currently raising funds on Kickstarter. I had the chance to chat with the game’s creator Emil Larson about the game and its future.
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This week’s news roundup of board game news contains a collection of heroes and villains. We’ve got the good guys of DC Comics battling it out in the DC Deckbuilding game Heroes Unite; we’ve got the dastardly pilots of the evil empire taking to two new TIE Interceptors for Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game and we have the brave soldiers of the Enforcers battling the plague in Deadzone. Best of all we have a rumoured return of some of the greatest heroes of gaming in the form of Heroquest.

War of the fallen review

The concept of collectible card games, or CCGs, in a video game is becoming a bit of a thing. Big names in both the video game industry and board gaming industry, such as Blizzard, Minecraft creator Mojang and even Wizards of the Coast are developing games based along the concept of collecting and trading cards and then using them to battle each other. As with a lot of concepts, as soon as it becomes popular there is an explosion of games using the same mechanic and so it is that Zynga, a company made famous by a social farming game have released War of the Fallen, a collectible card game for iOS.
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Gen Con quite rightly centred everyone’s focus on the wonderful world of tabletop gaming. This means that some of our digital distractions, the video game counterparts to our tabletop games got forgotten and there’s been some big news over the last few weeks. We’ve got yet more Games Workshop video games a couple of new style collectible card games and a digital version of one of the biggest games of 2012.
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There’s an alien spaceship attacking but someone has loaded the forward missile tubes with bananas. Somehow the monkey has escaped his cage and has found its way into the cloning machine. Someone has loaded the navigation computer with the wrong charts so now you’re completely lost. Yes, it’s another day on the Lucky Break, a spaceship with some of the most advanced robot helpers that money can buy which has made the human crew rather lazy. Unfortunately the new microchips for the robots where defective and now all the robots have had their directives scrambled.

Lords of war card game review

The stand out game from this year UK Games Expo was Lords of War, an interesting little card game from new company Black Box Games. At the Expo only the first set of cards where available and I said I would resist a review until there was more to explore in the game. Well now the second boxed set is available and I’m happy to say it hasn’t disappointed.
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