You’ve just made the jump out of hyperspace but your navcomp has made a grievous miscalculation and you’ve jumped out too close to a star. The solar radiation has fried your hyper drive and the intense heat has severely hit your shields. Any moment the shields are going to give way and you’ll be toast. Oh, I forgot to mention, life support is also failing fast and if someone doesn’t repair it soon you’re all going to suffocate long before you’re fried to a crisp. This is a typical day in Damage Report, a space faring real time board game from Break from Reality Games, where the proverbial has quite literally hit the fan and you have 45 minutes before you’re entire crew is sucking the cold hard vacuum of space.
Lost Legacy AEG card game news
Alderac Entertainment Group (aka AEG) has announced another western translation of a much lauded Japanese game in the form of Lost Legacy.
sons of anarchy men of mayhem board game news
Gale Force Nine, purveyor of wargame scenery and the brilliant Spartacus and Firefly board games, have announced another television show tie-in in the form of Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem.
whacky roll whacky wit pac man board game review
Possibly the first video game I ever played was a game called Snapper, a Pac-Man clone on the Acorn Electron. Telling you this not only points out my ever increasing age but lest you know that even in the early 80’s Pac-Man was a big deal and is one of the classic video games. Whacky Wit and Whacky Roll are board games that allow you to replicate this classic arcade nonsense in boardgame form.

Warhammer 40k 40,000 Carnage iOS Android
 Guess what folks? Games Workshop and Roadhouse Interactive have announced yet another mobile game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe but this time it’s a side scrolling shooter, in the form of Warhammer 40,000 Carnage.
Salute is the biggest miniature and war game show in the UK calendar. Bursting at the seams with historical, science fiction and fantasy tabletop miniature games, game publishers travel from all over Europe to show off the latest miniatures, games and crazy table displays. Here we look at a handful of science fiction and fantasy miniature games that you may not have heard of but have some of the best looking miniatures around.
Dungeonquest Revised Edition board game news

Fantasy Flight Games have announced a new version of the classic Dungeon Quest board game; Dungeonquest Revised Edition.
Kickstarter Collision April 2014 Aetherium Mercs Recon Tracker Coup Reformation Heavy Steam
April is here, daffodils are in flower and lambs are bouncing around and the fields, mint sauce anyone? But we don’t care what’s happening outside, we’re vitamin D deficient gamers and we want to know what exciting projects Kickstarter is bringing to our gaming table this month. As per normal let’s check how last month’s games faired:
  • Game Developerz, the tongue in cheek card game of video game development, gained a very respectable £27,700.
  • Airlock, unfortunately failed to fund, raising around 20% of its goal. A real shame because I do think this is a good game.
  • Hoyuk, hit home and managed to raise nearly $34,000 of a $15,000 goal proving that you can breathe life into print and play projects.
  • Guild Ball showed us yet again that miniatures games are always popular raising over £93000.
  • Dungeon Scroll did very well raising $15,000, which isn’t bad considering the battering Game Salute is taking for late deliveries.
Warmachine Vengeance tournament

Last week I took part in my first Warmachine tournament. Warmachine Vengeance was being held at Titan Games in Stourbridge and a friend dragged me into the competitive environment. I’ve been playing games in one form or another for over 20 years but this was my first experience of a competitive event and in every sense of the word it was a learning experience.

The first thing I have to say is a big thank you to the staff at Titan Games, the Press Gangers running the event and all the players who took part. Everyone was extremely welcoming and very understanding of a player like me who doesn’t quite know all the rules off by heart.
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