Guardians of Eden 
There’s a werewolf fighting a dinosaur. I’ll say that again in case you didn’t quite catch it or see the images, there is a werewolf fighting a dinosaur. And that’s all we really know about Guardians of Eden, well maybe a little bit more.
Modiphius Announce Achtung! Cthulhu Board Game
Christmas Day isn’t the usual time to be making a major new game’s announcement. You’re too full of roast turkey and fig pudding to digest that Modiphius have announced an Achtung! Cthulhu board game by one the designers of Arkham Horror, it’s enough to make you miss the Queen’s speech.
Board Games are made of cardboard, those are the rules right? It’s even in the name; board games, as in cardboard games? Well that’s just old fashioned thinking because these days you can make a game out of anything, and if you have access to a laser cutter even better.

Yomi’s Gate is board game based on the old struggle of feuding Japanese clans where every single component is made from laser cut acrylic and it makes a unique sight.

12 Realms is coming like a Ghost Town
12 Realms is fast approaching living up to its name. Four Realms where included in the base game, four more in Ancestor’s Legacy and now one more is available in the latest 12 Realms Expansion Ghost Town.
V-Commandos Kickstarter
Did you ever play Commandos on the PC? It was a complex strategy game where the aim was to complete your mission using a team of highly specialised Commandoes from a broad spectrum of allied World War II forces, and it was ridiculously difficult.

If you have played Commandos then you’ll get what V-Commandos is doing because it is recreating the same form of game play but in tabletop form.
Conan Hyborian Quests gameplay video 
Things are moving fast on the new tactical miniatures game Conan: Hyborian Quests. The project is due to hit Kickstarter early in 2015 and to tease you more than a muscled man in a loin cloth is a video of the game in action.

Recorded at Essen Spiel 2014, the video gives a very in depth run through of the mechanics of the game but is still an early prototype, so the pretty miniatures we've been seeing on the Conan Facebook page aren't to be seen.
Epic Death Review
Epic Death starts off in a fairly typical Dungeons and Dragons inspired manner; send your team of adventurers off on heroic quests to gain shiny loot. Nothing to write home about really, but then Epic Death flips the world on its head and states that only those heroes that die in an epic manner are deserving of fame and glory and so you must send your band of champions to their death against the biggest, baddest and most one sided fights possible.
We're trying something a little different on Polyhedron Collider today, The WItcher Adventure Game was released as a boxed board game last week but a fully digital version was also released on Steam and iOS here we play through a short version of the game and give a quick round up of our thoughts.
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