Thunderbirds are go
The Thunderbirds cooperative board game from Modiphius and Matt Leacock has hit Kickstarter and has made its funding goal in less than 1 day!
Star Wars X-Wing Tournament
Considering how much I like games of all kinds, boy do I suck at them. This last Sunday I took part in an X-Wing Tournament run by Worcester Wargames. Its only my second ever tournament of any kind (which is odd considering how many years I’ve been playing games), my first tournament being a Warmachine Tournament from last year. I may not have won, nor even come close but man did I enjoy it.
The Cones of Dunshire, is it a joke?
I really am struggling to work out if the Cones of Dunshire Kickstarter is a joke or not. The majority of the internet seems to be in agreement that it is a joke but if that’s the case, I’m not entirely sure that Mayfair Games are in on said joke.
Sam Lamont Artist Inteview
Sam Lamont isn’t just the game designer of Epic Death, he’s also an artist, making art for a host of big players in the gaming industry from Games Workshop to Fantasy Flight Games and even his own games. To me artists are the unsung heroes of the gaming world and for some time I’ve been meaning to give them the spotlight they deserve and Sam was willing to answer my constant questioning.
FAITH: The Sci-fi RPG Interview
Burning Games are a new games company and have just hit Kickstarter with their first science fiction RPG FAITH. Regular readers will know I don’t get much chance to play roleplaying games these days but when I saw the fantastic artwork that FAITH was showing I just had to know more so had a nice chat with Carlos from Burning Man about FAITH the game and philosophy.
Privateer Press announce The Undercity
Templecon appears to be the place where Privateer Press announce their big news for the year and the big one for us board gamers is the announcement of The Undercity, a fully cooperative dungeon crawling adventure game set in the Iron Kingdoms world of Warmachine.
The Next Great American Game Review
“This is the next great American Game” It’s a phrase you hear a lot through this documentary which is coincidentally the name of the film. The Next Great American Game follows the journey of Randall Hoyt, a designer and artist who thinks he has in his possession the next board game to take America by storm. Randall is also bipolar and the documentary not only follows Randall’s journey into the world of hobby gaming, it also follows his ups and downs as he deals with his condition.
Halls of Terra Expansion for Relic
If you’re a member of the armed forces of the Imperium of Man, there’s a simple rule, don’t let those filthy Xenos or heretic scum anywhere near holy Terra. Unfortunately if you’re a player of Fantasy Flight’s Relic, you obviously haven’t been doing your job as the latest expansion heads to Earth.
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