Star Wars Armada Review
Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game is quite possible one of my favourite games of all time. Not only did it beautifully capture the look and feel of the Star Wars films that have been my geek passion for years, they also managed to skilfully capture the dogfighting and manoeuvring aspect of the attack on the Death Star in A New Hope (or just Star Wars when I first saw it).

When Wizkids took the same system and transferred it to Star Trek, to me, it just didn’t feel right. X-Wing was about dog fighting, Star Fleet should be about careful manoeuvring of massive dreadnoughts. Well Fantasy Flight Games have done it again because Star Wars Armada takes the space battles from my favourite space opera films and scales it up so we can now blast each other with Star Destroyers.
Yay Games Sandcastles Interview
At the UK Games Expo 2015 I got to speak to Rob from Prodos Games to talk about their highly anticipated release of Alien vs. Predator: The Hunt Begins. You may remember at last year’s Expo we spoke to Rob about Prodos Games and it makes an interesting listen to hear how the company has progressed over the last twelve months.
Ether Wars kickstarter interview
A real time strategy videogame, translated into a dice based board game? Where do I sign up? Well Kickstarter in fact, as Ether Wars promises to bring together the hectic balance of strategy and unit building that games like Command and Conquer and WarCraft brought to life. The concept ticked plenty of boxes for me, having spent too much time playing Red Alert and lining up my Siege Tanks in StarCraft, so I spoke to the Spanish development team.
Yay Games Sandcastles Interview
MAGE Games are currently blasting through their latest Kickstarter for 12 Realms: Bedtime Stories. Chock full of miniatures and tokens, Bedtime Stories is the third expansion for 12 Realms and takes the number of Realms available to play up to the titled 12.
Artist Spotlight: Héctor Sevilla Luján, aka "elsevilla"
Middara is a multiplayer cooperative storytelling board game on Kickstarter now. The first thing you notice about Middara isn’t the bucket full of miniatures or the intriguing storytelling gameplay concepts but the amazing anime artwork that has been used to bring the concept to life.

These vividly coloured and beautifully detailed pieces of artwork are the product of Héctor Sevilla Luján, more commonly known as elsevilla. This breath-taking imagery brings the characters and story of Middara to life.

I believe that the artists are some of the unsung heroes of table top gaming and so managed to secure a short interview with elsevilla and took it as an opportunity to spotlight his art.
Yay Games Sandcastles Interview
Sandcastles is a surprisingly cut-throat game of building the best sandcastle before the see comes in and destroys it. At the UK Games Expo 2015 I spoke to Andrew Harman from Yay! Games about getting sand in your eye.
Frankenstein's Bodies
Frankenstein's Bodies is a grisly game of patching up and animating body parts to impress Dr Frankenstein himself. At the UK Games Expo 2015 I spoke to Andrew Harman from Yay! Games about his diabolical creation.
Dust Tactics has had a rocky time over the last year or so, the vanishing of Dust Warfare and the controversy of Operation Babylon have not helped but Dust Knights are a new organisation promoting Dust Tactics in the UK

Together with the UK Gaming Media Network, we managed to catch up with Alan Davies to talk about the current state of Dust Tactics, Dust Knights' convention and Tesla Coils.
The Best of the UK Games Expo 2015
The UK Games Expo may be over for another year, but I’m stilling catching up on all the sleep I missed and trying to digest everything I saw and everyone I spoke to. Polyhedron Collider is obviously growing because a lot of lovely game designers and people I spoke to had heard of my little corner of the internet, the reaction from the guys at Quirkative was probably a highlight for the weekend.

The UK Games Expo 2015 was bigger and better than ever with over 7,000 unique visitors and a total of 14,000 visitors over the three days! I cannot possibly cover everything that happened at the Expo so here are some of the few things that really stuck with me.
Modiphius Entertainment have had one hell of a year. It was this time last year that they announced the Thunderbirds Board Game and since then they've announced a score of roleplaying game systems and supplements and had huge success with the Thunderbirds Kickstarter.

Together with the UK Gaming Media Network, we managed to catch up with Chris Birch to talk about Achtung Cthulhu board games, Thunderbirds and Mutant Year Zero.
Cthulhu Book Posters on Kickstarter
It’s been a busy few days over at the UK Games Expo, interviewing game designers and publishers from all over the world, but the Expo is full of delights, from the chance to get your hands on early demos of massive games to meeting small independent publishers. One of those little gems is Square Hex, maker of all manner of simple roleplaying game aides but their latest Kickstarter is for something a little different (though just as cool).
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