Warhammer Fantasy Battles Alternatives

Games Workshop has officially heralded the Age of Sigmar, the age of strife is over and after 32 long years and 8 different versions Warhammer, or Warhammer Fantasy Battles as it’s more commonly known (WHFB for the acronymically inclined) is no more.

So where does that leave all the fans of the original rank and file fantasy war game? What do you do if you have hundreds of painted regiments of Skaven, Elves and Chaos Warriors?

Well you could burn them, but that seems a tad extreme, so let’s have a look at the games you can play with your beloved fantasy army.
Dungeons and Dragons Cragmaw Goblins

In last week’s Dungeon Calling I wrote about how I was making a return to Dungeon’s and Dragons with the new Starter Set. I must admit I was equally excited and nervous about returning to roleplaying games; it used to be one of my favourite hobbies and I was scared to see how the two new players would take to it, especially as one was my wife and had voiced some apprehension about the process.

We played the first session of The Lost Mine of Phandelver, the Cragmaw Goblins. I am going to try and keep spoilers to a minimum but there is a good chance I may spoil some of the Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set for you so if you plan on playing it, you have been warned.
Summoner Wars Master Set Review

When I was a teenager everyone at my school was into Oasis, I wasn’t I was into Metallica. This may seem to be an odd way to start a review but this how I feel about Summoner Wars, because everyone seems to rave about how good Summoner Wars is, and I really can’t stand the game.

On paper Summoner Wars sounds like my kind of game, you take a deck of cards to represent your faction of fantasy creatures and then play out combat over a strategic grid. The aim of the game is to kill the opposing summoner and you do this by summoning units to the battlefield, casting spells and careful manoeuvring. In short, Summoner Wars is a cross between Magic the Gathering and Warmachine, which sounds awesome.

Unfortunately I really don’t like Summoner Wars, I’ve tried but the whole thing just leaves me cold, so let’s see if we can work out why.
Dungeon Calling: Returning to Dungeons & Dragons
It has been 15 years since I last played a roleplaying game and around 17 years since I last played Dungeons and Dragons, but this weekend I’m dusting off the dice, hunting down my favourite dungeon master’s screen and poring over monster stats, as this weekend I will be returning to one of the games that marked the start of my journey into gaming, Dungeons and Dragons.
Hawk Wargames Dropfleet Interview
At the UK Games Expo we managed to get our first glimpse of Dropfleet, the upcoming space combat game from Hawk Wargames. With a little help from the UK Gaming Media Network I got the chance to speak to Dave from Hawk Wargames about the new game and building a huge replica of the smallest ship in the game.
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