Doomtown Reloaded Review

Welcome to Gomorra, the weirdest, wildest town in the old west. The Ghost Rock rush has attracted all kinds to this dusty town; bandits and crazy inventors all want a piece of Gomorra, there's a tent full of crazy clowns turned up and the lawmen are just trying to keep the peace. The word is definitely weird, with demonic circus troupes, spells, clockwork horses and sacred six shooters in this expandable card game.

Doomtown Reloaded is a remake of the Deadlands Doomtown, a collectible card game from many years ago. AEG have released this two to four player game as an expandable card game, which simply means you buy expansions in known packs of cards rather than random booster packs, similar to the LCG system.

I feel as if I must apologise to you dear reader. Not only did it take me far too long to write up my initial thoughts on the International Spiletage as Essen, but then it was so bug I had to break it into two parts. I then spent too long writing up this, the follow up to part 1! So, sorry about that. I also wish to apologise about the initial tone of this article, because the first thing I’m going to do today is complain. Oh well you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth.
Breaker Blocks Review

Ever played a game that feels like another, a game that has completely different mechanics and theme yet somehow manages to evoke the same emotional response? Because Breaker Blocks make me think of Housing Crisis, a Kickstarter game I reviewed last year that I still don't think made the light of day. The two games are completely different, but evoke the same, and I think that's a good thing.
Escape the Nightmare review
How in the name of all that's unholy do you review a game like Escape the Nightmare? It's completely unlike any other game I've played and as such its really difficult to suggest a point of reference. It's less a game and more a group stress test, where your heart is pumping and your brain is confused, because Escape the Nightmare is a game that purposefully messes with your head.
TIME Stories board game review

When reviewing a game, I generally play the game enough times till you feel like you know it. It’s important to have seen everything the game can offer before committing your thoughts to the internet. But in the case of TIME Stories I'm writing this review after just one play through because I now can't play this game again until I buy the first expansion. It results in what could be the most controversial game of 2015, but could also be one of the best games of 2015.
Banner Saga Board Game News

The Banner Saga has to be one of my favourite video games of recent years. Norse Mythology, half giants, tactical combat and decisions so difficult you cannot make the right one, only one that feels right for you. That’s why I was really pleased to hear that MegaCon games, the chaps’ behind Mercs and Myth, are making a board game version.

So far details have been sparse, apart from the odd low resolution image there’s been very little to go on. Apparently MegaCon have been working closely with Stoic, the original video game developers, for nearly a year and the plan is to launch a kickstarter on the 12th November.
Richard K Morgan, A Land Fit for Heroes Interview

You may know of Richard Morgan as a writer, responsible for The Steel Remains series of dark fantasy books. You may also have seen Richard’s name associated with video games, writing the story for some high profile games. But Richard has just released a combination of the two. A Land Fit for Heroes is a new interactive game book from Liber Primus Games. You may have read our previous articles were we talked about the Narborion Saga. These digital adventures replicate the old magic of choose your own adventure style books, but can take the game much further than a book ever could.

A Land Fit for Heroes takes place within Richard’s dark fantasy trilogy of the same name, as three unlikely heroes’ paths cross in an adventure where each is tested to their extreme. You will take the roles of these heroes and you will decide their fate. I was able to put a few questions to Richard about writing such a different media.
Essen 2015 Part One

It's now been a few weeks since the largest gaming convention in Europe, and arguably the largest board gaming show in the world; International Spieltage in Essen Germany.

First off I wish to offer an apology, the whole trip to Essen, the excitement, the lack of sleep and my subsequent daily commute to the day job have meant that I've struggled to write this up.

As is usual, there's so much to see at such a large convention that you can't possibly see everything. But let's not dwell on the negatives (at least for now) and let's have a look at everything we saw at the show.
Deck Maniacs - Magic The Gathering - Unboxing Part 2

Yesterday we posted up a review of Deck Maniacs, a loot crate styled subscription service for Magic The Gathering and Pokemon. I wanted to go a little deeper into the contents of the box and see what the value of any rares or epic rares would be compared to the cost of the box.
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