Poseidon's Kingdom Review

Under the sea! Under the Sea! There'll be no complications, just friendly crustaceans, under the sea! Unfortunately your friendly crustaceans have been kidnapped by the Kraken and it’s your job to free them from his tentacled grasp and so begins the game of Poseidon's Kingdom, and a bright friendly colourful game it is too.
The Polyhedron Collider Podcast is now on iTunes

The Polyhedron Collider Cast, our new tabletop gaming podcast is now available on iTunes or your favourite podcast RSS feed of choice!

If you use iTunes you can download and subscribe from the following link:

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Heldentaufe Kickstarter
You may not believe it but reviewing Kickstarter games can often be a stressful affair. Getting sent the game a few days before the Kickstarter begins, trying to schedule in a few games and then furiously typing up a review while there's still plenty of time left on the project.  Heldentaufe is a little different, as instead of a playing a physical version of the game around a table, this Kickstarter review is based on an online implementation that you can play right now.
Prodos Games Space Crusade U-turn

It seems that a lot of people took offence to the Boob Crusade, sorry Space Crusade, the recent remake of the classic nineties game from Prodos Games. Prodos have announced a PG-13 version of the game that covers up the Space Strippers and makes some more sensible power armour.
Android: Mainframe

Fantasy Flight Games have announced a new game in their Android Netrunner universe, Andriod: Mainframe, a fast, light game of hacking.
Polyhedron Collider Podcast

A Polyhedron Collider Podcast has been something I have been thinking of working on for some time.  Podcasts are my main source of tabletop gaming reviews and information, so it made sense for me to do the same.

Its the very first podcast, so the quality will need some improvement as will the format, but hopefully what we have done is a good start.
textProdos Games announce Space Crusade Remake Space Crusaders

Update: Prodos Games have announced a U-turn on the model design and will be making a PG-13 version, more details here.

Original Story: Space Crusade is back, or should that be Boob Crusade. Prodos Games, those of Warzone Resurrection and Alien vs Predator have remade the classic 90s sci-fi board game (that we reviewed just a few weeks ago by the way) and understandably there have been some changes, but the changes are not what most people were expecting.


Continuing their success with Hoyuk, Mage Company are bringing another print and play game into full production via Kickstarter.  This time the game is Aether Captains, a steam punk adventure game of flying air ships and an interesting use of dice.

I spoke to Todd Sanders about the development of the game and its influences.

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