Sagrada Board Game Review

I have something bordering on a fetish for pattern matching dice drafting games, and Sagrada from Floodgate Games is a really excellent example of a game that scratches that itch.

You and up to three fellow players (expandable to a total of 6 players) will compete to make the most beautiful stained glass window from the very finest colours and shades of glass. When we say glass, we’re not talking about a scene involving a winnebago in the middle of the desert, we mean dice with the shades represented by the various numbers on the die faces.
News Collider Board Game News HASBRO buy Entertainment One In Focus Monopoly Socialism Ludii Project LOKI

Welcome to the Hasbro edition of the News Collider where we can share with you all the exciting and stupid things HASBRO are doing like gaining the rights to Ghostbusters, Pepper Pig and The Walking Dead.  Releasing what could potentially could become the most despised edition of Monopoly and becoming the custodians of the Dr Dre/ Death Row Records back library.

In non-HASBRO news there's a really interesting and super geeky board game based avenue of archaeology for future generations to want to be when they grow up and Board Game Geek launches a new advertorial video series.
Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell A Board Game of English Magic Review

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell a Board Game of English Magic is somewhat of an enigma, a puzzle, not simply in terms of what you, as players, do in the game itself to thwart the Gentleman with the Thistle Down Hair, but rather, given its it ballsed it all up so magnificently.
News Collider - Board Game Bomberman Contra Announced, Rising Sun Comicbook, Pokemon Trading Card Auction, Hasbro Scraps Plastic Packaging, DnD Eberron Rising from the Last War

This week we are peering back over our collective geek shoulder to pull back into focus some of our old friends.  An old D&D Class option returns to 5th Edition after taking a short break and is joined by some classic 8-bit arcade games that will soon be hitting tabletops There's a comic book implementation of a very popular and successful game and then a little story that we have me hunting through boxes in my parent's loft this weekend.

Kickstarter Highlights - Burgle Bros 2 Casion Capers, Numenera Liminal Shores Struggle of Empires Deluxe Muffin Time

It's a real mixed bag in this week's Polyhedron Collider Kickstarter Highlights with only 4 campaigns to bring to your attention, but projects that, collectively, cover all the bases.

There's a fantastic and award winning RPG, an exciting and cinematic campaign style co-op game, a heavy war game with strong economic flavours and a very silly party game.  

So, what ever your tastes, the Collider Crew has you covered.

You're welcome 

Quacks of Quedlinburg - Cover

It is said here at Polyhedron Collider that I’m a bit adverse to random chance. It’s mostly true, probably because I say it. However, it’s not an entirely blanket statement as there are a few exceptions to this rule. Whilst it’s true that I’m hugely repulsed by games that place your victory or outcome in the lap of those infernal cubes of chance, being able to react to said result or proactively tip the balance in your favour is something I do enjoy. It all comes down to that ever-popular meaningful decision that we love so much.
News Collider Board Game News Wil Wheaton Sues Geek and Sundry, Games By Bicycle, Funkoverse, Tapestry Announce Stonemaier Games, Asmodee absorbs international distributors

After the glut of news from Gen Con the news ferrets, and the board gaming community are putting their feet up for a little while it seems as we relax into the mid August quite zone.  That's not to say there is no board game related news at all, in fact  we have the big release from Stonemaier Games, Asmodee's continued growth and a new (yet very old) player joins the board game market. 
Kickstarter Highlights Fiasco, GrimHollow, Fired Up, Handy Maps, Sleeping Gods

Is August the time that tabletop gaming takes a bit of a nap? After a busy few days at Gen Con does it feel that it needs a bit of a sit down and a refreshing cup of tea? Because it feels (to us at least) that the number of games on Kickstarter this week is rather less than usual (we didn’t even publish a Kickstarter Highlights last week!).

Regardless, the intrepid Kickstarter explorers of the Polyhedron Collider crew have traveled far, dug deep, and spend every last resource they could finding this weeks’ hot board game and role playing game Kickstarters.

The full gang are back and have a bucket load of Gen Con news to go through. We cast our expert* eyes over the latest tabletop gaming and board game news, such as the new Marvel games from Fantasy Flight Games and the announcement of Ankh from CMON.

We then take an in-depth look at single play mystery game Undo from Pegasus Spiele and Bunny Kingdom from Iello and Richard Garfield.

*The Polyhedron Collider team are not classified as experts in any field.

News Collider Board Game News News Collider Board Game Gen Con CMON Ankh Gods of Egyp CyberPunk 2077 Back To the Future Tiny Towns Expansion FFG Marvel Champions Arkham Final Hour


Lots and lots of news.

There’s also lots of stuff I left out.

So much news...
Bosk Board Game Review - Box Art

Bosk: noun
a small wood or thicket, especially of bushes.

According to it can also mean good, great, or enjoyable. (don’t look into Urban Dictionary to much here as it gets a little...spicy).  So, is Bosk bosk?  And if Bosk is bosk, how bosk is it?  And, if a squirrel jumps out of a tree in Bosk and lands on your pile of leaves how bosking annoying is it?
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