Episode 128 - Autobahn, Furnace, Pandemic Iberia and D&D Honor Among Thieves

Join the boys from the Collider as they discuss Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves and optimal cinema seating considerations.

Andy and Rory recap their mammoth 11 hour gaming day which started with Autobahn from Alley Cat Games, the excellent little engine builder: Furnace from Arcane Wonders and then look back to 2016 and a great twist on Pandemic with Pandemic Iberia from Z Man Games.

Some great listen questions end the show followed by a shameless plug for the live Podcast recording during the  UK Games Expo.

Episode 127 - 10 Candles, Micromacro, and who road Pegasus?

Join the boys from the PHC for another bag of board gaming goodies. In this episode Rory plays in the dark in 10 Candles, Andy goes hunting for clues in MicroMacro: Crime City, and we have an argument about Pegasus. We also delve into the mail bag to discuss board  games taking up too much table space and can a board game replicate the feeling of an RPG?

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