This article is here to help you buy an awesome board game-related gift for your friend, colleague or loved one.  If you are new to the hobby of tabletop gaming, or just looking to buy a gift for someone that is, we here at Polyhedron Collider, are going to help you out.

We’ll have suggestions for various budgets and we’ll try to cover all corners of tabletop gaming.  However, we won’t be making suggestions to go and buy the latest and hottest game as buying games themselves for someone else can be quite delicate and can be highly subjective.  Instead, the aim here is to suggest tabletop game adjacent products that will enhance and complement a current collection.

Important to mention that we are not affiliated with any of the companies listed here.  Polyhedron Collider has not and will not receive anything should you choose to follow any of these suggestions or links.  Everything listed here is based on our own experience and personal wish lists. 
Bonfire Board Game Review

Bonfire is a game that gives you options with a side of options.  It’s a game where you have to meticulously plan your turns well in advance, you have to consider not only what actions you need to take to realise your plan, you have to plan how you are going to get the actions in the first place.  There are lots of moving pieces, and although the theme is almost transparent, everything just seems to click and come together seamlessly.
Waggle Dance 2nd Edition Board Game Review

Don’t be misled by the bright and vibrant art in this game.  Don’t let the cute dice with bees on or the colourful wooden bits distract you.  This game may look light and cheerful, but it is not, the simple rules of this dice placement game quickly build within a few turns you will feel the full weight of each of your decisions.
Polyhedron Collider Canvas Finishing Touches Board Game Review

Simply put, Finishing Touches gives you more Canvas.  All the things that are good about Canvas, well, there’s more of that stuff in this expansion too.  It’s the second expansion for the rather innovative game of creating works of art one layer at a time.  That cool innovative stuff has already happened, it’s already there in the DNA of this game and this expansion isn’t trying to add any more.  What Finishing Touches is doing is building on that foundation and giving you some more stuff that you enjoy when you play.
Polyhedron Collider Age of Comics Board Game Review

As far as board game themes go, it is pretty niche, Age of Comics: The Golden Years is about the comic book publishing industry of the 1940s.  So, chances are if you’re reading this, it’s because you like the idea of a board game about comic books (of which there are frighteningly few) and you want some validation that you’ve made a good purchase or you need to be tipped off the fence.  
The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 119 - Bonfire and The King's Dilemma

The latest episode of board game chat has a distinctly Royal theme, as we talk Kings of Ruin (not Kings of Leon), Kingdom Come Deliverance, and The King’s Dilemma. We also talk about Bonfire but couldn’t stretch the royal analogy far enough.

Polyhedron Collider Board Game Review Sobek 2 Players

This two-player market manipulation game is all about weighing what you can gain against what you are going to lose.  In this game about two rival merchant guilds duking it out for dominance along the bank of the Nile players will have to try and plan, will have to make the best of a bad situation and try and get the timing of every sale just right to reign supreme.

Polyhedron Collider Decorum Board Game Review

It has been said (I’m sure) that games are an attempt to simulate and distil life, therefore, the closer a game comes to encapsulating the essence of that activity i.e. farming or building a rail network, the better the game is.  By this measure, Decorum it could be argued is hands down the best game ever made.  The problem is, trying to agree on how to decorate your house with your significant other is something I don’t want to do in real life, let alone in a game.
Episode 118 - Rise and Fall, Midhalla, Tabletop Scotland

Full to the brim with haggis and Irn Bru, the boys return from their adventures North of the Wall. Sid and Andy recount their gaming at Tabletop Scotland, while Rory takes us through current Kickstart Rise and Fall. We then dip into the mailbag to answer questions about long games and our biggest gaming regrets.

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