Polyhedron Collider Decorum Board Game Review

It has been said (I’m sure) that games are an attempt to simulate and distil life, therefore, the closer a game comes to encapsulating the essence of that activity i.e. farming or building a rail network, the better the game is.  By this measure, Decorum it could be argued is hands down the best game ever made.  The problem is, trying to agree on how to decorate your house with your significant other is something I don’t want to do in real life, let alone in a game.
Episode 118 - Rise and Fall, Midhalla, Tabletop Scotland

Full to the brim with haggis and Irn Bru, the boys return from their adventures North of the Wall. Sid and Andy recount their gaming at Tabletop Scotland, while Rory takes us through current Kickstart Rise and Fall. We then dip into the mailbag to answer questions about long games and our biggest gaming regrets.

Polyhedron Collider Board Game Review Rise & Fall
Rise & Fall is a great big open world civ building game, with light rules but with a great deal of intricacy.  The game starts with literally building the unique world in which you'll play, its a game about creativity: create the world, create your empire, and don't mess it up!

Polyhedron Collider Uluk Board Game Review

Uluk is like a cake.  Like a birthday cake or something like that.  A good quality sponge with some jam and cream slapped on top, followed by another layer of sponge, then all dressed in icing or buttercream and covered in chocolate or sparkles etc.  This may sound like an odd analogy, but in a game about harvesting ingredients and making meals it's quite apt and will hopefully make sense as you read on.
Polyhedron News Collider Board Game News Gen Con Attendance, ENnie Award Winners, Dianna Jones Award Winners, Hobby Game Sales are Up

The News Collider is back again!  Brimming full of the latest and greatest bits of board gaming news from around the table top gaming community....but mainly about Gen Con.  And the awards dished out at Gen Con.  And some of the unpleasantness that happen just before Gen Con.
Polyhedron News Collider Board Game News DMS Guild Roll20, Stranger Things, Dungeons and Dragons Movie Trailer, Cascadia Spiel des Jahres, Wordle Party Game

Back from a short hiatus due to bugger all board game news and a bout of COVID, but it’s here the latest and greatest bits of board gaming news from around the table top gaming community.

In this week’s News Collider we learn about the board games based on the very popular mobile game; Worlde, a new Stranger Things game from Rob Daviau and CMON and of course the new trailer for next year’s Dungeons & Dragons movie!
Polyhedron Collider Moon Board Game Review

Moon is a pass and play board game of building the most fantastic base on the lunar surface, a place where the denizens of Earth will flock to explore and experience the sun cresting the curve of our planet, to feel weightless and something else.  Some folk will say this game is like another well-known drafting game, but those people are idiots.
News Collider Board Game News Kinderspiel Best Kids Board Game 2022 Winner Magic Mountain Origins Game Fair Attendance Critical Role Launch Record Label More Solo Games Than Ever Being Published
Welcome back to the News Collider, collecting the best, most interesting and strangest tidbits of board gaming news from around the tabletop gaming community.

This week we take a look at the rise and rise of solo modes in board games, a quick look at the Kid’s Game of the Year Award winner and the new album and record label from Critical Role.
Akropolis Board Game Review

Come and build your city, your Acropolis! Command the high ground and adorn the hill with lush gardens, dispersed markets, grand temples and lest we forget the barracks to protect your homes and people.

In other words, Akropolis is a 3D tile-laying board game of building an ancient Greek city, in short, it is bloody brilliant and I strongly suspect this will be a mainstay of my gaming shelf for a very long time.  So if that’s all you’ve come to this review for, there you go, just go and buy it for an extremely reasonable 25 rips; but, if you’d like to know how and why this game deserves some of your precious table time, read on:
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