Welcome along to another analysis paralysis inducing chat with the boys from Polyhedron Collider, who are cruder than normal in celebration of episode 69 (dude). We analyse the latest tabletop gaming news, talking about the latest events in board games and pen and paper RPGS and then get into some deep and meaningful game chat.

In this week’s episode we talk about Matchify, get in a very quick game of Ragusa and have a rather deep analysis of heavy euros Pipeline and Barrage. We then pop over to Ireland to save the world in Mournequest.

Kickstarter Highlights - Donning The Purple Votes and Virtues Expansion, District 9 The Board Game, Fired Up, Yedo Deluxe

This week’s Kickstarter Highlights sports the strap line “The Remake, the relaunch and the expansion” because it features, well...a remake/second edition, some Kickstarter relaunches and a PHC much anticipated expansion. 

News Collider Board Game News Cludeo Removes Replaces Room Kills Character Funko Pop Dungeons and Dragons Origin Award Changes Pandasaurus Elizabeth Hargraves

In a world full of unpredictable tariffs, trade wars and the seemingly never ending Brexit saga we can at least rely on board games for some stability…

I beg your pardon?  They’re changing Cluedo? Cludeo!?  And the Origins awards?  And what are those cute figurine things...D&D Funko Pops!  Has the world gone mad? 
Kickstarter Highlights - Board Game Book, Merchants Cove, Successors, Solar Storm

Did you miss me?  It’s okay, I understand, look we all need a little break from Kickstarter now and then, and sometimes there just isn’t enough new stuff to warrant bringing to your eyeballs.  Here at Polyhedron Collider we don’t simply pay lip service to any old campaign, no, we’re only going to talk about games we (well, at least one of us) is actually interested in, or in Andy’s case, are backing backing.  

So, this week we have a heavy wargame, a book, some asymmetrical shenanigans and a very challenging co-op. 

Your spaceship is heading for disaster. It’s been caught in the gravity well of a star and the engines have decided to conk out at the worst possible time.  The only solution is to divert power from all the other systems in the ship and jump start the engines. The problem is that the ship is very close to the sun and systems are starting to get damaged from the rapidly increasing heat levels.  

In Solar Storm your job, is to race around the ship, rapidly fixing the ship’s failing systems, while at the same time attempting to kickstart the engines and get out of there before it all gets hotter than the inside of a McDonald’s apple pie.
The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 68 - Sagrada, Quacks of Quedlinburg and Solar Storm

Prepare yourselves for another generous helping of tabletop gaming chat, as the boys from Polyhedron Collider talk all things board games, card games and RPGS (as well as some rambling diversions regarding Jon’s taste in TV programs and Andy going to a festival).

In this episode Jon tells us about his first Dungeon Mastering experience in An Ogre and his Cake, Andy cooks up explosive potions in the Quacks of Quedlinburg, Jon talks us through the stained glass dice builder Sagrada and Steve gets dangerously close to the sun in coop kickstarter game Solar Storm.

Sagrada Board Game Review

I have something bordering on a fetish for pattern matching dice drafting games, and Sagrada from Floodgate Games is a really excellent example of a game that scratches that itch.

You and up to three fellow players (expandable to a total of 6 players) will compete to make the most beautiful stained glass window from the very finest colours and shades of glass. When we say glass, we’re not talking about a scene involving a winnebago in the middle of the desert, we mean dice with the shades represented by the various numbers on the die faces.
News Collider Board Game News HASBRO buy Entertainment One In Focus Monopoly Socialism Ludii Project LOKI

Welcome to the Hasbro edition of the News Collider where we can share with you all the exciting and stupid things HASBRO are doing like gaining the rights to Ghostbusters, Pepper Pig and The Walking Dead.  Releasing what could potentially could become the most despised edition of Monopoly and becoming the custodians of the Dr Dre/ Death Row Records back library.

In non-HASBRO news there's a really interesting and super geeky board game based avenue of archaeology for future generations to want to be when they grow up and Board Game Geek launches a new advertorial video series.
Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell A Board Game of English Magic Review

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell a Board Game of English Magic is somewhat of an enigma, a puzzle, not simply in terms of what you, as players, do in the game itself to thwart the Gentleman with the Thistle Down Hair, but rather, given its ...pedigree...how it ballsed it all up so magnificently.
News Collider - Board Game Bomberman Contra Announced, Rising Sun Comicbook, Pokemon Trading Card Auction, Hasbro Scraps Plastic Packaging, DnD Eberron Rising from the Last War

This week we are peering back over our collective geek shoulder to pull back into focus some of our old friends.  An old D&D Class option returns to 5th Edition after taking a short break and is joined by some classic 8-bit arcade games that will soon be hitting tabletops There's a comic book implementation of a very popular and successful game and then a little story that we have me hunting through boxes in my parent's loft this weekend.

Kickstarter Highlights - Burgle Bros 2 Casion Capers, Numenera Liminal Shores Struggle of Empires Deluxe Muffin Time

It's a real mixed bag in this week's Polyhedron Collider Kickstarter Highlights with only 4 campaigns to bring to your attention, but projects that, collectively, cover all the bases.

There's a fantastic and award winning RPG, an exciting and cinematic campaign style co-op game, a heavy war game with strong economic flavours and a very silly party game.  

So, what ever your tastes, the Collider Crew has you covered.

You're welcome 

Quacks of Quedlinburg - Cover

It is said here at Polyhedron Collider that I’m a bit adverse to random chance. It’s mostly true, probably because I say it. However, it’s not an entirely blanket statement as there are a few exceptions to this rule. Whilst it’s true that I’m hugely repulsed by games that place your victory or outcome in the lap of those infernal cubes of chance, being able to react to said result or proactively tip the balance in your favour is something I do enjoy. It all comes down to that ever-popular meaningful decision that we love so much.
News Collider Board Game News Wil Wheaton Sues Geek and Sundry, Games By Bicycle, Funkoverse, Tapestry Announce Stonemaier Games, Asmodee absorbs international distributors

After the glut of news from Gen Con the news ferrets, and the board gaming community are putting their feet up for a little while it seems as we relax into the mid August quite zone.  That's not to say there is no board game related news at all, in fact  we have the big release from Stonemaier Games, Asmodee's continued growth and a new (yet very old) player joins the board game market. 
Kickstarter Highlights Fiasco, GrimHollow, Fired Up, Handy Maps, Sleeping Gods

Is August the time that tabletop gaming takes a bit of a nap? After a busy few days at Gen Con does it feel that it needs a bit of a sit down and a refreshing cup of tea? Because it feels (to us at least) that the number of games on Kickstarter this week is rather less than usual (we didn’t even publish a Kickstarter Highlights last week!).

Regardless, the intrepid Kickstarter explorers of the Polyhedron Collider crew have traveled far, dug deep, and spend every last resource they could finding this weeks’ hot board game and role playing game Kickstarters.

The full gang are back and have a bucket load of Gen Con news to go through. We cast our expert* eyes over the latest tabletop gaming and board game news, such as the new Marvel games from Fantasy Flight Games and the announcement of Ankh from CMON.

We then take an in-depth look at single play mystery game Undo from Pegasus Spiele and Bunny Kingdom from Iello and Richard Garfield.

*The Polyhedron Collider team are not classified as experts in any field.

News Collider Board Game News News Collider Board Game Gen Con CMON Ankh Gods of Egyp CyberPunk 2077 Back To the Future Tiny Towns Expansion FFG Marvel Champions Arkham Final Hour


Lots and lots of news.

There’s also lots of stuff I left out.

So much news...
Bosk Board Game Review - Box Art

Bosk: noun
a small wood or thicket, especially of bushes.

According to Urbandictionary.com it can also mean good, great, or enjoyable. (don’t look into Urban Dictionary to much here as it gets a little...spicy).  So, is Bosk bosk?  And if Bosk is bosk, how bosk is it?  And, if a squirrel jumps out of a tree in Bosk and lands on your pile of leaves how bosking annoying is it?
News Collider Board Game News Games Workshop Report Record Breaking Profits Sony Executive Exec Expo PAX South Gen Con Make A Wish

This week's News Collider is all about "more".

More good feels when Gen Con and the Make-A-Wish Foundation work together.
More profits for a UK miniatures monolith
More board game holidays and conventions
More special editions of a classic game
And with Gen Con starting tomorrow, expect even more next week!
Kickstarter Highlights Hot Projects Campaigns Kisarta Materia Prima Smartphone Inc Import Export On the Rocks

This week's highlights comes to you with the sub heading of: Kickstarter's Debuts and Reprints Edition, simply because a number of the campaigns featured this week are from brand-spanking-new designers and/or publishers and those that aren’t new are for games that desperately need a second edition to sate the demand of all you game hungry gamers and collectors. 

A weekend of celebrating Andy’s 40th has led to a couple of casualties, as the skeleton crew of Andy and Steve man the show.  We talk about the latest crazy technology from CMON, the Warhammer TV show in the works, as well as Molkky and Gaia Project.

We then take care of the burgeoning mail back, answering questions on the value of a board game, the evolution of the hadron collider and games to play outside.

Too Many Bones - Cover - Chip Theory Games

Ordinarily, the name of a game gives a clue as to the content, theme or idea behind it. It seems that Chip Theory Games beg to differ and named their game, Too Many Bones, based on Moon Logic and a vague idea. For the game is not about, as you might expect, skeletons, pirates, the undead or even the exploits of an enthusiastic grave-digger with hoarding tendencies who is running out of storage space.
News Collider - Diana Jones Award Nominees, Spiel de Jahres Winners, Funkoverse, Dragon BAll Z board game, Eisenhorn Live Action TV Show, Tryanny of Dragons D&D turns 5

Unlikely and unwelcome teams ups, award nominations and award winners, record breakers, birthday presents and long overdue TV show adaptations.  This is what awaits you in this week’s News Collider, the best, and strangest tid bits of board gaming news from around the internet
Kickstarter Highlights - Conan Savage Lands, One Small Step, Trudvang Legends, Rush MD, Once We Moved Like The Wind

The Polyhedron Collider Kickstarter Highlights isn't just about banging a drum for the big games, the games that everyone already knows about, games that everyone is already backing (or considering).  No, we here at Collider Towers are masters of our own wallets so there is no mention of the latest Awaken Realms campaign (the new one that reached half a million dollars in less than 30 minutes).

Instead, we are talking about games that have genuinely piqued our interest, the Apache War, the moon landing, Conan, the new legacy game from CMON and the real time dexterity co-op game, that are all on Kickstarter and they all look ace!
Imperial Settlers Empire of the North Review First Thoughts

Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North is a stand-alone, spin-off game set in the “Imperial Settlers Universe”, and although it still hits all the major beats you’d expect from an Imperial Settlers game it has a different...rhythm.  

It’s like a new, collaborative song from a well known band, you instantly know its them but its different enough to make you second guess what you are hearing.  Kind of like when Ed Sheeran did a song with Justin Beeber.  Except Empires of the North isn’t utter bollocks, in fact, it’s rather good.
Dwarf Kickstarter Review

There’s a point whilst analysing a game’s design when you realise you’ve seen through the surface information and begun to understand what the game’s designer was trying to do. You’ve opened a window into the designers mind, and can rationalise every design decision and look back at the path that led them to this point. It doesn’t make a game any better but gives you an understanding of why.

Dwarf is such a game. A two to three player worker placement game about dwarves (or is it dwarfs I can never remember), doing what dwarfs/dwarves do; mining, smelting, forging and defending against dragons. Dwarfs are renowned for their greed so the winner is the player who has the most resources in two of the three categories; steel, gold and forged items.
Kickstarter Highlights - Kaldori, Seasons of Rice, Dino Genics Controlled Chaos, Britannia

I think I need to have a word with Steve about Danger Pay.  You see, it’s pretty dangerous having to scour Kickstarter each week purposely looking for campaigns to bring to your attention.  Projects that catch my eye and imagination.  Games that have fantastic miniatures and fancy-pants components, game trayz and exclusives.  Games that kindle a longing, the absence of which I can feel when I look at my game shelf.

Yes, it’s dangerous looking and rarely touching these pretties, and most dangerous of all is the never ending stream of great looking games onKickstarter, these are but a few of our favourites...   
The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 65 - Jonathan Strange, Dice Hospital Expansions, Empires of the North

The boys from Polyhedron Collider are back with another generous helping of table top gaming chat, so slip into your elasticated conversation trousers and get your fill of board games and roleplaying games. 

Today Andy, Rory and Steve talk about English Magic in Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, go to the maternity wing in Dice Hospital Community Care and brave the North Sea in Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North.  We also have a quick quiz courtesy of Blockbuster from Pig Potato Games.

News Collider Board Game News Players Handbook in audio form, Katie Aidely Plagiarism, ENnies Awards

This week's News Collider is one of those odd ones.  Its a Big Little, or maybe a Little Big one, as there hasn't been a huge swarth of news in our little board gaming community...but, there has been one really big story that has been raging since it broke on Friday.

So, without further ado, read on for RPG awards nominations, how Dungeons & Dragons is now more inclusive and plagiarism
Kickstarter Highlights - Dice Hospital Expansion Community Care,Crypt X, Pret A Porter, Talespire Hot Projects Campaigns

With Gencon looming on the not-too-distant horizon the flow of Kickstarters seems to be abating.  A little.  But that is not to say there isn't anything worth your consideration on the crowd funding platform.  No!  far from it, bringing you the cream of the crop, this week's Kickstarter Highlights are campaigns that the Polyhedron Collider Crew have their eye's on.

Now with campaign ending dates (so that Rory doesn't get blamed for Steve and Andy missing future campaigns)
Dice Hospital Community Care Expansion Kickstarter Review

When I joined Polyhedron Collider I caused one major upset.  For a long time the highest accolade that could bestowed upon a game was the coveted “Three For Thee” award, where each of the three members of Polyhedron Collider, with their varied tastes on the hobby, had all purchased the same game.

Dice Hospital was a Three For Three game.

But, now there are four of us.  Making that award slightly less prestigious yet simultaneously making the new, “Four For Four” award something akin to a platinum trophy.

Dice Hospital is a Platinum Game.  So when the opportunity presented itself to play the new Expansion, Community Care, Caezar nearly lost an arm in our collective rush to get it.

"Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Rory J. Somers opened the Undo box and started playing... He woke to find himself trapped in the past, facing mirror images that were not his own and driven by an unknown force to change history for the better. His only guide on this journey came in the form of a few decks of cards. And so Dr. Somers finds himself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong and hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home."

News Collider - Board Game News Kickstarter Guidelines, Dragonmeet Tickets On Sale, Ticket To Ride TV Show, US China Trade Ware Suspended

A short but important News Collider this week where we collectively breathe a sigh of relief regarding the US/China Trade War, raise an eyebrow over the updated Kickstarter guidelines for creators and scratch our heads in puzzlement at what exactly a Ticket To Ride Reality TV show looks like.
Kickstarter Highlights Dwellings of Eldervale, Eternal Adversary, Middara, On the Underground, Roll PLayer, Super Fantasy Brawl, Secret Spy Agency

== Disclaimer ==
Polyhedron Collider and the members thereof can accept no responsibility for the balance of your, the reader’s, bank account or credit card activity in relation to Kickstarter and the campaigns and projects mentioned below.  

The views and opinions expressed on the aforementioned campaigns and projects are expressly our own and are based on either on demonstrations of the games or what has simply made one or more of the Polyhedron Collider Crew say something along the lines of: “Oh, hewo”

Fair warning to you, dear reader, it's a bumper week for great kickstarters:

The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 64 - Wingspan, Villagers and Too Many Bones

It appears, due to an administrative oversight, that only Andy and Steve were available this week. So set yourselves for a more genteel podcast, as the two most distinguished members of the Polyhedron Collider crew talk about the table top games they have been playing this week.

Top of the list of board games are Stonemaier’s Wingspan, Chip Theory’s Too Many Bones and Villagers from Sinister Fish. We also discuss how Steve will be the first to be eaten, when we all get trapped on a desert island.

Wingspan - Cover

When I found out that there was a new Stonemaier game on the near horizon, I’m not ashamed to admit that a bit of wee came out. I then found out what it was all about. “Not designed by Jamey”…okay… “card based”…oh. And so my enthusiasm fell apart. I was then, as we say on the podcast, greyscaled uninterested. However, Stonemaier’s reputation kept me with half an eye on the ball here. After all, I was pleasantly surprised by Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig, so perhaps the metaphorical lightning would strike twice.
Magmeda Monsters Kickstarter Review

 It was Forrest Gump who famously said “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get”. Which is clearly nonsense as the list of contents is on the box. And even if it’s not, there’s a contents sheet inside. Anyone who buys a box of chocolates at random is obviously either blind or a Grade-1 moron. I raise the possibility of unknown or potentially unpleasant content as we at Polyhedron Collider regularly are sent pre-production, pre-kickstarter or prototype games to assess, review, cast judgement upon and playtest ahead of any proposed release. This process does yield some genuinely good games, some games that have a great idea, but need a bit of improvement plus a spit and polish and then there are the games that, like an albino Vampire, should never see the light of day. Thankfully the games in the latter category are, like the coffee cream in the box of Terry’s All Gold, relatively few and far between because most designers don’t want to release turds rolled in glitter.
News Collider Board Game News Dungeon and Dragons Comics Acquisitions Incorporated Kinderspiel Winner Osprey RPGs GenCon Trademark

The News Ferrets have returned from their week-long news-pilgrimage with a bountiful array of news morsels for you to enjoy.

They return asking questions like "Where IS the home of Tabletop gaming?", "Should we join the Acquisition Incorporated franchise? Do they have medical insurance" and "Should we be Arthurian Knights or Cavemen first?" 
Kickstarter Highlights Boardgame Hot Top Picks Trouble in Templetown, Endeavor Age of Expansion, Isle of Cats, Die Macher

As always, we at Collider Towers have our collective fingers pressed to the pulse of Kickstarter Board Games.  We are on the very bleeding edge of what is hot and that is why we can tell you about amazing current Kickstarters but also campaigns that begin in the very near future that we think you'll want to keep your eye on.

This week we look to defend the body from infection in Trouble in Templetown, explore new ways to win with the expansion for the rather excellent Endeavor.  There's polyomino cats in Isle of Cats and a reprint for the very first game entered into the BGG database.
Sensor Ghosts Kickstarter Preview

Congratulations!  You escaped the computer that was stuck in “Kill All Humans” mode.  You managed to build an escape shuttle and now you’re headed back to Earth.  Time to put your feet up (especially easy in zero-gravity, you don’t need a footstool or anything), sure there’s an asteroid field between you and home but the autopilot can deal wi...I beg your pardon, did you just say “malfunctioning sensors”.

Ah crap!
News Collider Board Game Dice and Doughnuts Unpaid Staff, Origins Awards, Metal Gear Solid Dungeons and Dragons Essentials Kit

This week's News Collider, bringing you the best in board game news we start with a story about the owner of a board game cafe who was taken to court for not paying his staff, we have a sneaky peak at what Wizards of the Coast are bringing us with their new Essentials Kit, Metal Gear Solid board game pre-orders and some highlights from the Origins Game Fair Awards.
Kickstarter Highlights - Dig Your Way Out, Jurassic World Miniatures Game Escape the Dark Sector Storymasters Tales Weirding Woods Two Robots

You visit the Polyhedron Collider website looking for some game recommendations and you know that not only do those chaps have excellent taste in boardgames they are also on the very bleeding edge of what is cool in board gaming.

After reading the weekly Kickstarter highlights do you:
  1. Back all of the games mentioned
  2. Back all of the games except that really dodgy looking one.
  3. Make your own, careful, considered and informed choice.
  4. Stuff it all and go balls deep for the T-Rex mini that you are absolutely sure you'll get...one day.

Elder Scrolls Call to Arms Table Top Board Game Skyrim Chris Birch Interview

Towards the end of last month Modiphius announced they would be launching a new tabletop skirmish game in partnership with Bethesda Games Studio, and that game was Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms.  The announcement came with images of a Dragonborn miniature which would then be on a limited sale during the UK Games Expo.

To say I was very excited about this news is an understatement.

I was fortunate enough to sit down with the founder of Modiphius, Chris Birch to find out a little bit more about the game during the expo.
Post UK Games Expo Review - Marquesas, Quantified, Megacity Oceania, Chapter

There was something about this year's expo that made it very special for me.  Perhaps it was the excellent company I kept.  Perhaps it was the now legendary map or perhaps it was the standard of games on offer.

We've already spoken at length about some of the games we saw on episode 63 of the podcast, and both Andy and Jon have put fingers to keyboard to tell you about the games they enjoyed, but here are a few more of the games I played.
UK Games Expo 2019

They say, quite accurately, that Christmas comes but once a year. Writing this article in June, that may seem like an odd thing to open with. However, there are a lot of things that Christmas has in common with the UK Games Expo. They both get a lot of people excited; both have enormous expectation, are inevitably exhausting and both leave the adults completely skint after a flurry of purchasing the latest and greatest. I may or may not be speaking from experience on that last point.
News Collider - Board Game News Cities Skylines Announced, Games Workshop Pays Big Bonuses, UK Games Expo Growth and Awards

This week’s board game news is predominantly talking about growth.  Not just the swelling of our collective board game collections after Expo, but about how the hobby and everything attached is just getting bigger and bigger.

So sit back, relax and come and celebrate some good news and success in our little hobby in this week’s News Collider.
Kickstarter Highlights - Company of Heroes, Shiver Me Timbers, Iron Clays and Spades, Icaion and Sensor Ghosts

We all want Batman.  

Of course we do.  It goes without saying.

In fact, we all want to be Batman - just imagine how many games you could fit into the Batcave (not to mention always having a butler to play games with). Although you’d probably never make game night.  Anyway, Aside from the Gotham City Chronicles Season 2 campaign that will set you back just over £500 (for seasons 1 & 2 or as I like to think of it “half a thousand” - just to help remind myself that I can’t possibly spend that much money on a board game) there are a bunch of other fantastic looking games for your consideration.

Pirates, war heroes, robots, fancy-pants poker chips and a desperate race through space are all offered up from our ramshackle panel of judges here at Collider Towers for your Kickstarter considerations.

The Polyhedron Collider Cast 63 - UK Games Expo 2019

We are back from three (and a bit) days of awesome gaming and meeting awesome people at the UK’s largest tabletop gaming convention.  Join us as we discuss coping with the Mondays, being utterly knackered and sampling as many board games as we possibly could at the UK Games Expo 2019.

Yet again we would like to thank the awesome people behind the UK Games Expo for making the best convention yet!

News Collider Board Game News 5/6//2019

The dust of another UK Games Expo has settled and I'm now back to news ferret wrangling.  As it so happens the news ferrets managed to root out some delicious tidbits of upcoming releases.

In this week we can tell you a little about the games we know are coming, unfortunately there is a still some fallout to the whole Projared stuff and how the UK Games Expo organiser's threw the ban-hammer hard at the DM who just wanted to shock and upset people.
The Primary Board Game Review

There is a bizarre expectation when it comes to games themed on politics that to play and to really enjoy them, you need to have some understanding of politics, or, in my case for The Primary, the American electoral system.  This, quite frankly is rubbish as I know as much about politics as I do about terraforming, farming or about killing orcs, and so I was able to enjoy The Primary a lot.

The Primary creates the feeling of politicking, the bravado, the strategizing, and of course the back stabbing.  The game hinges on things like “the long term plan” and “out-maneurouring”.  It asks you to focus on the “final result” and not each turn, especially those “strategic losses”.  It’s a game where you are very aware that you are playing the players rather than simply playing a game.
News Collider - Spiel des Jahres Nominations, Papillion back to Kickstarter, Daryl Andrews Fired, The One Ring RPG Baldur's Gate Descent into Avernus and Elder Scrolls Call to Arms wargame
Shiny awards, treasures and dragons galore in this week’s News Collider.  We’ve seen a veritable spurge of reveals over the last week concerning the upcoming D&D campaign, th eLord of the Rings One Ring RPG and then one of my all time favorite video games comes to the table top with awesome miniatures. 

There’s also more news on the (not at all connected) Kickstarter suspensions which sees the return of butterflies and the fall of a leader.  

I used to be the president of a board game publisher until I took an arrow in the knee
Kickstarter Highlights SPACE INVADERS

Will we play Gloomhaven more frequently when Steve backs the Crafting Kingdom campaign?  Will I ever actually get around to painting these incredible fantasy football miniatures?  Can you actually destroy all the aliens in the competitive board game version of SPACE INVADERS?

In short, the answer is we don’t know (probably not) but that won’t stop us backing these projects in this week’s Kickstarter Highlights. 

The UK Games Expo is just around the corner, the biggest event in the UK tabletop and board gaming calendar. Andy, Jon and Steve are joined by Rory to go through our top picks for the games we want to see at the show.

The UK Games Expo is the 31st May to 2nd June 2019 at the NEC in Birmingham. Tickets and information is available from https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/

News Collider Board Game Workshop Bandai Space Marine Action Figure, ProJared, Elder Scrolls Online Skyrim Plagiarism Board Game Tax Increase Trump
With convention season nearly upon us it would be nice to think that this week's News Collider would be fully of exciting board game news about surprise releases, unveiling of as-yet-unheard-of masterpieces of design...alas, that is not to be.

This week we are talking about "accidental plagiarism", the potential Death and Taxes of board games and  a lot of uncertainty surrounding the longest running live streamed D&D adventure.
Kickstarter Highlights Kingmaker, Kingswood, Hostage Negotiator, 18Chesapeake
After a short, Bloodborne induced break to the Kickstarter Highlights we’re back talking Kings, Woods, Hostages and Trains.  

We have RPGs, light games, 18XX games and Solo games.  Also, for the first time we’re bring to your attention a game that is crowdfunding somewhere other than Kickstarter…
Donning the Purple - Cover

Schrödinger, it seems, was a bit of a clever chap. His questionable treatment of cats aside, he did have a point. For those of you unfamiliar with the workings of Quantum Mechanics, one of the outcomes of the myriad of high-end, brain-baking mathematics was that one can never know the precise state of something until you measure it. And by measuring it, you change it.
Board Game News - Origin Award Nominees, Pop-Up Gencon, Kingmaker, 5E Pathfinder Second Edition CMON Sales

As we approach the convention season the news well is starting to dry up somewhat, in fact, most of this week’s news concerns conventions and exciting RPG news, so grab you hand sanitiser, breath mints and dice bag!  

It’s News Collider Time!

Get yourselves comfortable, because it’s a long one today.  The boys get the chat well and truly flowing as they discuss the latest news and then get into some in depth talk about the games they have been playing. Steve Journeys in Middle Earth as he plays the latest Lord of the Rings game from Fantasy Flight Games, Steve and Andy tackle demons and cultists in Perditions Mouth and we rustle up some bad puns in Great Western Trail.

We then check out the best way to get into D&D, with some tips for the budding Dungeons and Dragons adventurer and dungeon Master.

Board Game News Asmodee Fiction Imprint, End of Plaid Hat, Aliens RPG, Steamforged Investment, Charterstone Zombicide Video

This week’s News Collider is brought to you with the letter “i”.

Investments, imprints, implementations, irony, insemination and fun make up this week’s board game news.
Zoocracy Kickstarter Review

I must admit, I’ve always been a bit turned off by politics, a communist in a red tie and a fascist is a blue dress, shouting at each other from opposite sides of a room, while a group of people behind them to do their best Lord Melchett impression. I think it comes from always living in a constituency when the current MP is winning by such a huge majority that my vote feels like a waste of time. But this board game review shouldn’t be about real world politics, or should it?
News Collider Board Games Kickstarter Suspends Kolossal Vox Machina Success Stronghold GAmes Sues Plan B 1 Billion New WoC Studion Heroes of Balders Gate
Controversy abounds in our latest little slice of board game news, as we have news of tabletop Kickstarter projects being suspended by Kickstarter themselves and legal shenanigans as Stronghold Games sues Plan B games for taking away a juicy board game printing deal. You could say they re-moo-ved for a reprint.

It’s not all bad news as we find out that table top gaming is the biggest section of Kickstarter (something we’ve long suspected) and that Critical Role have raised a huge portion of that money on their very own, which means we will definitely be getting a Critical Role cartoon (and I now have the CR theme tune in my head) and then there’s all that Balder’s gate stuff too, which we are very excited about.
Kickstarter Highlights - Odyssey of the Dragonlords, Bloodborne, Oceans, Dungeon Battle Maps, Core Ball,, Plague Inc Armageddon Board Game
This week’s Kickstarter Highlights is brought to you with the letter “D” and the number 6:
Dragons, Dungeons, Dinosaurs*, Disease, Demons** and Deepspace!  That’s what has our fingers itching over the “Select this Reward” button this week.  

After spending his time in the garden, Andy joins Steve to discuss his hooky copy of Terraforming Mars, the latest news and the current crop of games at their table.

They stab the emperor in Donning the Purple, search for lost gold in Treasure Island and provide a spoiler free review of Charterstone, the legacy game from Stonemaier Games. They then cast off the spoiler shackles and have an in depth discussion of the Charterstone game.

It's an odd collection of board game news this week, as we have the Mensa award making us all feel ever-so-clever for playing our favourite tabletop games but then a stupid decision regarding the flagrant brushing aside of historical genocide causes some unsurprising controversy.

Don’t worry though there’s plenty of things to get excited by, from Demons to vampires and vikings to playing games in bed.  Not that kind of game you filthy animal.
Kickstarter Highlights On Mars, Anachrony Fractures of Time Expansion, Kingdom Rush, Critical Core, Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast

We have some tough decisions to make here in Collider Towers, you see, the biscuit jar is nearly empty, we’re down to the last roll of toilet paper and the only coffee we have left anywhere in the building is Nescafe Original.  All problems that can be easily fixed, however, the allure of current and upcoming Kickstarter campaigns has us thinking we can make do if it means we can squeeze another pledge out of the petty cash*.
Legacy Games - Cover

Regular readers of this site or listeners to our podcast may have gotten the impression that my imagination is a dangerous and scary place. An accurate, if somewhat understated description. I find myself on many occasions mulling over a whole range of ideas from the size of the plastic baggies we use to store game components through explaining to colleagues why using well-defined business processes is to everyone’s advantage, all the way to convincing my other half why getting an Oculus Rift is clearly a good idea; not just a glorified way of kicking the cats.
Due to some unknown administrative oversight, we didn't release a news article last week. In fact the entire Polyhedron Collider team didn’t do a damn thing last week. Now I have a valid excuse, I’ve got a new job and I’m trying to reevaluate the whole work/life balance (or should that be work/board game/life balance?). Steve and Andy obviously decided they just couldn’t be bothered. I think stronger leadership is required and will soon be making my bid to oust Steve as head of the organisation.

Internal politics and lazy writers aside, it's actually been a quiet couple of weeks in the world of tabletop gaming but that doesn’t mean that plenty of board game and role playing game shenanigans haven’t been going on. We’ve got news from the Borderlands, Waterworld and London, and more buses than a National Express depot.

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