Polyhedron Collider Episode 76: The Best Games of 2019

It’s the end of the year, so that can only mean one thing; our best of 2019 round up!

We look at the best games of the year that we’ve played, the most disappointing games of the year and announce the all-important Andy’s Insert of choice.

polyhedron collider episode 75 Tapestry - Cooper Island - On the Underground

It’s a particularly mischievous episode, complete with awful Scottish accents, Steve and Jon recount their experiences from Gridcon, including Cooper Island, Ravage and playing Tapestry with David Turczi, while Rory and Andy tell us all about On the Underground.

There’s also the latest news from the ferrets as the One Ring contract dispute, a D&D movie and the wee Tagies.

We also announce a mew member of the PHC crew.
Board Game News Collider - Dungeons and Dragons Video Game Dark Alliance Play Starfinder RPG with Amazon Alexa

I suppose it makes sense that as we approach the shortest day of the year that the world of board gaming news would slow down.  Let’s face it, we’re all winding down now anyway (or wish we were) and we’re getting ready to kick back and play board games over a nice long Christmas break.

With that being said, it’s not a complete stop, there are a couple of nuggets of news stories worthy of your time and attention before we send the ferrets off until the new year.
Board Game News Collider Dice Camera Action Cancelled DnD Presents Dungeons and Dragons Chris Perkins ProJared, Rivers of London RPG, Frosthaven Gloomhaven, AEW Wrestler Tiamat Costume

In this very special birthday issue of the News Collider (my birthday, not the news Collider, but you already knew that since you clearly remember the party we had at the end of October).  I'd love to be very indulgent and tell you about the new Batman board game which has as much focus on being a detective as well as being a ninja, or the amazing worker placement war game based on Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight novels...but neither of those things are real.

Instead, I can tell you about the forthcoming Rivers of London RPG from Chaosium, that the UK Games Expo tickets went on sale for the end of May 2020 and then there's is the big news about the Gloomhaven sequel that I find hard to get excited about because I've still. only played one game of the original.
Magnate: The First City

It is said that a lady’s prerogative is to change her mind. Now, as I’m sure the rest of Polyhedron Collider will tell you, I aint no lady, but I am on the verge of changing my mind. Rory and I played the prototype of Magnate: The First City at UK Games Expo earlier this year and we both walked away thinking “that was bloody brilliant”. If you don’t believe us, it’s in actual audio format for all to hear.
Board Game News Collider - Asmodee Aconyte Reveals first titles, good for mental health, Dungeons and dragons movie, One RIng cancelled Cubicle 7

This week’s News Collider brings you further proof that playing board and card games are good for your mental health, we have more details over the book and movie board game tie-ins to look forward to over the next two years and a very unfortunate story for fans of The Lord of the Rings: The One Ring.
Board Game News Collider TAGIE Toy And Game Innovation Awards Rebellion Unplugged Sniper Elite Lebellud Foundation

As we approach the end of the year we get ready for a time of new beginnings, a time of hope for a better year yet to come and a backwards glance at the year almost past.  Spaces on game shelves are being prepared and the belt none-too-subtle hints are being dropped into casual conversations, such as “I’ve heard lots of good things about Tiny Towns, it sounds like the type of game I would probably love…”

In other words, there isn’t a huge amount going on in the world of tabletop gaming news.  A video game studio launches a tabletop division, a foundation for youth education is set up by another well-established publisher and Games Workshop is still worth a lot of money.  It’s all here, the best board game news all cobbled together in this week’s News Collider.

In the latest episode of Polyhedron Collider we ask all the important questions;

  • is Andy’s car waterproof, 
  • is Inuit any good, 
  • how do you stop quarterbacking in cooperative games, and 
  • should Jon back Infinity Defiance?
Trismegistus the ultimate formula board game review.jpg

It’s come to my attention just how much of an abstract term ‘heavy’ is. It’s weird how we measure a game’s complexity in terms of mass. A simple game that we consider suitable for anyone is deemed as being light, whilst a complex game that involves many layers of rules and deep decision making is considered heavy. I’m reminded of when you drink a nice dark beer and we describe it as ‘chewy’, because if Trismegistus was a beer it would be dark, complex and very very chewy.

Kickstarter Highlight Magnate The First City Building Board Game

Magnate: The First City is a Polyhedron Collider Kickstarter Highlight.  This means that from what we know of the game, we reckon it’s pretty bloody great, just how pretty, bloody or great is subject to change as games are want to do when they go through the Kickstarter process.

In this new look Polyhedron Collider Kickstarter Highlight, we take a close look at a current campaign, peeking behind the curtain to discuss the design and development of the game with the designer and publisher; James Naylor of Naylor Games, as well as giving you an overview of the game itself too.  
Kickstarter Highlight Venice Board Game

Venice is a Polyhedron Collider Kickstarter Highlight.  This means that from what we know of the game, we reckon it’s pretty bloody great, just how pretty, bloody or great is subject to change as games are want to do when they go through the Kickstarter process.

In this new look Polyhedron Collider Kickstarter Highlight we take a close look at a current campaign, peeking behind the curtain to discuss the design and development of the game with one of the designers (Dávid Turczi) and the publisher (Lewis Shaw from Braincrack Games) as well as giving you an overview of the game itself too.

Board Game News Collider Alexa plays Ticket To Ride, Chad Jensen Dies, CMON on the Hong Kong Sock Exchange, JR Honeycutt Accused of sexual assault, Dungeons and Dragons Sapphire Anniversary

Controversy, sadness, SkyNet Alexa taking over and more bling than even Andy can handle, the world of board game news this week is a mixed bag. 

I won't lie, I do love me a bit of 4X, so when I heard that a new one was careering its way to Kickstarter like a drunk to a kebab house, I was more than a little interested. Noting that Galactic Era would be on show at the UK Games Expo, I made a beeline for it with my partner and sat down with Channing Jones, designer of Galactic Era, to have a run through of his upcoming game to see how it shapes up.

Inuit The Snow Folk Board Game Review

Inuit is a lavishly illustrated tableau builder that has players growing their small Inuit village in one of the most inhospitable landscapes on the planet.  You’ll have to scout the tundra, trap seals, hunt polar bears and conduct rites in order to not only survive but to flourish.
Board Game News Collider Magic The Gathering Hall of Fame, Dungeons and Dragons Clue Cluedo, Vox Machina Critical Roll Animated TV Show Signed to Amazon Prime UK Games Expo Industry Summit

This week’s News Collider is a little heavy on the RPG front as the Critical Role team sign with Amazon for seasons one and two of the animated telling of the adventures of Vox Machina, Dungeons & Dragons Cluedo second edition is announced and the very sad news about RPG publisher Burning Games closing down.

There’s also some board game business news and a new UK convention in the planning, so grab a cuppa and catch up the latest in tabletop gaming news.

Steve has been sent a mystery package by Board & Dice, so sit back with your favourite tipple as we describe all. We’ll also have our usual round up of the latest tabletop gaming news and in depth chat about the board games we’ve been playing.

This week all four members of the PHC crew have been sunning it in Tungaru, the latest kickstarter from Alley Cat Games and Steve and Andy get alchemy confused with worshipping in Trismegistus: The Ultimate Formula.

Is Rory's mic still working?

Triplock Board Game Review

I've mentioned in passing my feelings for Triplock from Chip Theory games a handful of times on the podcast already, so some of you reading this will be doing so with that dangerous glimmer in you eyes that suggests you know what is about to happen.  For others, allow me to summarise my thoughts as: It’s shit.

As much as I am tempted to leave nothing more than that two-word review, it simply isn't enough to tell you that Triplock is shit and that it is by far and away the worst game I have ever had the misfortune to play.  After all, you’ve either come here to read an informed and detailed critique of the game or to watch a good kicking.

With no further ado, may I present my review of Triplock: An Exercise in Futility and Frustration.
Tungaru kickstarter board game review

One of my biggest problems in life is my inability to relax. I have one of those minds that needs to be constantly doing something, constantly active. Which is why sitting on a tropical beach is not something that generally appeals to me, it also might be why I’m having a little trouble relating to Tungaru, the latest big board game from Alley Cat Games and designers Louis and Stefan Malz. Because although Tangaru has all the euro game stalwarts of resources, trading and action selection, it's all very gentle.
News Collider Board Game Baldurs Gate 3 Mindflayer Catan World Explorers Live Action Monopoly Warcraft Small World

This week’s News Collider is a bit of a video game special, which may sound odd since Polyhedron Collider is all about tabletop games but there is a very strong link between the two here.  

We’re talking Dungeons & Dragons, Warcraft, Monopoly, Catan and the most recent winner of the Golden Cube.
The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 72 - Tapestry & Teslas

What’s this? A full house? Back to the normal format? Something must be amiss.  Yes, the full complement of Polyhedron Collider are back with some more board game chat.

We start as ever with a breakdown of the latest news, have a bloody good chat about Stonemaier Games’ latest Tapestry and Jon tells us about his Tesla…again.

Board Game News Collider Cards Against Humanity Open Cafe,RIP Francis Tresham, New Cluedo Room, Essen Thefts

Essen has come and gone once again and with it there is the repeat of thefts from stands.  There's more sad news with the passing of a pioneer of boardgame design, Francis Tresham.  Chicago is getting a new and very fancy board game cafe January 2020 from the folks who gave us Cards Against Humanity and the Cluedo board gets n update after seventy years of murders at Tudor Manor (not Steve's house).
Barrage - Cover

Apparently, you can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter; the experience where one is given a poor product and attempts to improve it with bling or add-ons. Whilst this slightly latrine-based phrase is all-too-common, I am yet to hear its antonym; the also common situation where you have a fantastic thing and by fair means or foul, gradually reduce its quality from mirror shine to greasy smear. A situation we find ourselves in here.
Slyville Board Game Review

Before considering to buy or play this game you need to ask yourself a question:
Are you ready to be a complete dick for the next 30 to 45 minutes?

If yes, then Slyville provides a platform for you to be a dick of the highest order.  Otherwise you might want to consider a different game.
News Collider Board Game Monopoly Attraction Opens Dungeon Hoard Kickstarter Scandle Developers 100 Million Fund Modiphius Announces Homeworld Revelations Tabletop RPG

The News Collider turns one this week.  A whole year since we dusted and cleaned the Polyhedron News Room and I sat down with the simple goal of bringing you the most interesting scraps of board game related news from every corner of the board.  So whether or not you've been a long for the ride the whole time or you are just joining us, welcome.

In this week's News Collider we have two stories about how to gain some income from board games, one is perfectly legit but will require hard work and the other is utterly bogus.  Then there's the world's one and only board game based attraction in Hong Kong and the announcement that Modiphius are releasing a tabletop role playing game based on the popular video game, Homeworld. 
Dobble and Matchify Review

It’s not very often that we review two games at the same time, in fact we’ve only really done it once before but when we were sent a copy of Macthify to review it seemed to make a lot of sense to cover it and Dobble in the same review, because they are strikingly similar games.

Kickstarter Highlights Calico, Hierarchy, Rome and Roll Necronomicon Tiny Epic Dinosaurs
Hold onto your wallets, because it's yet another week Kicksatratre craziness ready for you to splurge your hard-earned (or ill-gained, we don’t judge) cash on.  This week we have a heavy euro roll & write and the latest game in the Tiny Epic series. We also have the internet staples of Loftcraftian horrors and cats.
News Collider Board Game News Exploding Kittens 30 million investment Marvel Asmodee Aconyte Essen Charity VBoard Dice

Much like a game of Monopoly, the world of board gaming news never stops (or should that be never ends?), so we’re here with yet another roundup of this week's hottest tabletop gaming news.

This week we’ve got news of Asmodee’s move into book publishing, walking round the annual potato on a stick festival for charity and Exploding Kittens getting a huge investment.

It’s almost time for Europe’s largest tabletop gaming convention, and arguably the world’s largest gaming convention. We are of course talking about Spiel in Essen where hundreds of games will be launched demo’d and sold.

With such a huge array of games available, join Steve and Rory as they take you through their top picks of the show.

Kickstarter Highlights Sumo Gnomes, 1565 St Elmos PAy, Sub Terra 2, Skinny Minis, Senet Magazine, Oathsworn, Heart RPG, Grand Carnival

Soooooo many games!  

There's just loads and loads of great campaigns running at the moment and here to help you navigate this bountiful and luxurious cardboard landscape is the Polyhedron Collider Kickstarter Highlights!

Some of the campaigns mentioned below have been running for a little while now already (we've only just spotted them in time ourselves) so pay close attention to the end date and get involved if it sounds like your type of game.

Don't forget that not only do we look at new campaigns you'll also find links to previously mentioned games at the bottom of this article.
Sumo Gnomes Kickstarter Review

A game called Sumo Gnome should immediately conjure certain images to mind, primarily, that of a sumo wrestlers who also happen to be gnomes.  Obviously.  It should also bring some gaming assumptions along too.  This game is super small, super light and delivers a quick slap of dice based gaming combat.

Two sumo gnomes square off on a tree stump, one gnome in the blue mawashi and the other in red (each stylised on a six sided die), the goal is simple; push your opponent off the stump.
News Collider Games Workshop Action Figure Marvekl Comics New DnD, Wendys RPG, Awards BGG

We have a bumper News Collider for you this week to hopefully make up for the recent lack of News Colliders.  

Within you’ll discover news of awards, team-up, and firings, there’s updates and guesses of great things to come too.  So make yourself a cuppa and put your feet up with the very best of board game related news.
1066 Tears to Many Others Board Game Review

1066, Tears to Many Mothers is an all-out offensive two player game covering one of the most important events in English history, the Battle of Hastings, you know, the one where King Harold took an arrow in the eye.  This game, from Tristain Hall is carefully balanced, nuanced and heavily detailed pulling from pretty much every page of the Doomsday Book.

It’s taken me a little while to write this review, primarily because of how detailed this game is, my first impression left me wondering if I had missed some key strategy to the game but it also left me with a feeling that I needed to explore the game further and upon doing so I found a deep and rich strategy game.

Grab your pen and pencils, your favourite dice and your silly voices, because it’s time for the Polyhedron Collider boys to talk about tabletop RPGs.

We’ll be covering Andy’s recent Tyranny of Dragons campaign for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, looking at some tasty Kickstarter roleplaying games and answering your questions about pen and paper RPGs.

Kickstarter Highlights Titan, Godspeed, Forbidden Lands, Root RPG, Carbon City Zero

This is just the beginning.  We are on the road to Essen Spiel 2019 now so expect a slew of amazing games to be making their appearance not just on Kickstarter, but everywhere, but this being the Kickstarter Highlights, we’ll keep our scope limited to crowdfunded games.

This week we have a number of debut designers, as well as a smattering of RPG veterans, bring us new and exciting games with twists on familiar concepts and mechanics.  So whether you’re looking for a light, medium or heavyweight game, or a new RPG system or campaign, we’ve got you covered.

MourneQuest - Cover

MourneQuest is based on the books of the same name by Garry McElherron in which a lad called Jack meets a clurichaun (not a leprechaun) called Cobs and together they accidentally begin to set loose the Nightmares who's only goal is to unleash the Shimnavore; a creature of ancient Irish legend of terrible power. Your role is to play as Jack, Cobs or one of their buddies to try to keep these awesome gribblies locked up forever. Fail and it’s bad news for everyone concerned. So with stakes suitably high, we are set up for some epic beastie-kicking action.

Welcome along to another analysis paralysis inducing chat with the boys from Polyhedron Collider, who are cruder than normal in celebration of episode 69 (dude). We analyse the latest tabletop gaming news, talking about the latest events in board games and pen and paper RPGS and then get into some deep and meaningful game chat.

In this week’s episode we talk about Matchify, get in a very quick game of Ragusa and have a rather deep analysis of heavy euros Pipeline and Barrage. We then pop over to Ireland to save the world in Mournequest.

Kickstarter Highlights - Donning The Purple Votes and Virtues Expansion, District 9 The Board Game, Fired Up, Yedo Deluxe

This week’s Kickstarter Highlights sports the strap line “The Remake, the relaunch and the expansion” because it features, well...a remake/second edition, some Kickstarter relaunches and a PHC much anticipated expansion. 

News Collider Board Game News Cludeo Removes Replaces Room Kills Character Funko Pop Dungeons and Dragons Origin Award Changes Pandasaurus Elizabeth Hargraves

In a world full of unpredictable tariffs, trade wars and the seemingly never ending Brexit saga we can at least rely on board games for some stability…

I beg your pardon?  They’re changing Cluedo? Cludeo!?  And the Origins awards?  And what are those cute figurine things...D&D Funko Pops!  Has the world gone mad? 
Kickstarter Highlights - Board Game Book, Merchants Cove, Successors, Solar Storm

Did you miss me?  It’s okay, I understand, look we all need a little break from Kickstarter now and then, and sometimes there just isn’t enough new stuff to warrant bringing to your eyeballs.  Here at Polyhedron Collider we don’t simply pay lip service to any old campaign, no, we’re only going to talk about games we (well, at least one of us) is actually interested in, or in Andy’s case, are backing backing.  

So, this week we have a heavy wargame, a book, some asymmetrical shenanigans and a very challenging co-op. 

Your spaceship is heading for disaster. It’s been caught in the gravity well of a star and the engines have decided to conk out at the worst possible time.  The only solution is to divert power from all the other systems in the ship and jump start the engines. The problem is that the ship is very close to the sun and systems are starting to get damaged from the rapidly increasing heat levels.  

In Solar Storm your job, is to race around the ship, rapidly fixing the ship’s failing systems, while at the same time attempting to kickstart the engines and get out of there before it all gets hotter than the inside of a McDonald’s apple pie.
The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 68 - Sagrada, Quacks of Quedlinburg and Solar Storm

Prepare yourselves for another generous helping of tabletop gaming chat, as the boys from Polyhedron Collider talk all things board games, card games and RPGS (as well as some rambling diversions regarding Jon’s taste in TV programs and Andy going to a festival).

In this episode Jon tells us about his first Dungeon Mastering experience in An Ogre and his Cake, Andy cooks up explosive potions in the Quacks of Quedlinburg, Jon talks us through the stained glass dice builder Sagrada and Steve gets dangerously close to the sun in coop kickstarter game Solar Storm.

Sagrada Board Game Review

I have something bordering on a fetish for pattern matching dice drafting games, and Sagrada from Floodgate Games is a really excellent example of a game that scratches that itch.

You and up to three fellow players (expandable to a total of 6 players) will compete to make the most beautiful stained glass window from the very finest colours and shades of glass. When we say glass, we’re not talking about a scene involving a winnebago in the middle of the desert, we mean dice with the shades represented by the various numbers on the die faces.
News Collider Board Game News HASBRO buy Entertainment One In Focus Monopoly Socialism Ludii Project LOKI

Welcome to the Hasbro edition of the News Collider where we can share with you all the exciting and stupid things HASBRO are doing like gaining the rights to Ghostbusters, Pepper Pig and The Walking Dead.  Releasing what could potentially could become the most despised edition of Monopoly and becoming the custodians of the Dr Dre/ Death Row Records back library.

In non-HASBRO news there's a really interesting and super geeky board game based avenue of archaeology for future generations to want to be when they grow up and Board Game Geek launches a new advertorial video series.
Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell A Board Game of English Magic Review

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell a Board Game of English Magic is somewhat of an enigma, a puzzle, not simply in terms of what you, as players, do in the game itself to thwart the Gentleman with the Thistle Down Hair, but rather, given its ...pedigree...how it ballsed it all up so magnificently.
News Collider - Board Game Bomberman Contra Announced, Rising Sun Comicbook, Pokemon Trading Card Auction, Hasbro Scraps Plastic Packaging, DnD Eberron Rising from the Last War

This week we are peering back over our collective geek shoulder to pull back into focus some of our old friends.  An old D&D Class option returns to 5th Edition after taking a short break and is joined by some classic 8-bit arcade games that will soon be hitting tabletops There's a comic book implementation of a very popular and successful game and then a little story that we have me hunting through boxes in my parent's loft this weekend.

Kickstarter Highlights - Burgle Bros 2 Casion Capers, Numenera Liminal Shores Struggle of Empires Deluxe Muffin Time

It's a real mixed bag in this week's Polyhedron Collider Kickstarter Highlights with only 4 campaigns to bring to your attention, but projects that, collectively, cover all the bases.

There's a fantastic and award winning RPG, an exciting and cinematic campaign style co-op game, a heavy war game with strong economic flavours and a very silly party game.  

So, what ever your tastes, the Collider Crew has you covered.

You're welcome 

Quacks of Quedlinburg - Cover

It is said here at Polyhedron Collider that I’m a bit adverse to random chance. It’s mostly true, probably because I say it. However, it’s not an entirely blanket statement as there are a few exceptions to this rule. Whilst it’s true that I’m hugely repulsed by games that place your victory or outcome in the lap of those infernal cubes of chance, being able to react to said result or proactively tip the balance in your favour is something I do enjoy. It all comes down to that ever-popular meaningful decision that we love so much.
News Collider Board Game News Wil Wheaton Sues Geek and Sundry, Games By Bicycle, Funkoverse, Tapestry Announce Stonemaier Games, Asmodee absorbs international distributors

After the glut of news from Gen Con the news ferrets, and the board gaming community are putting their feet up for a little while it seems as we relax into the mid August quite zone.  That's not to say there is no board game related news at all, in fact  we have the big release from Stonemaier Games, Asmodee's continued growth and a new (yet very old) player joins the board game market. 
Kickstarter Highlights Fiasco, GrimHollow, Fired Up, Handy Maps, Sleeping Gods

Is August the time that tabletop gaming takes a bit of a nap? After a busy few days at Gen Con does it feel that it needs a bit of a sit down and a refreshing cup of tea? Because it feels (to us at least) that the number of games on Kickstarter this week is rather less than usual (we didn’t even publish a Kickstarter Highlights last week!).

Regardless, the intrepid Kickstarter explorers of the Polyhedron Collider crew have traveled far, dug deep, and spend every last resource they could finding this weeks’ hot board game and role playing game Kickstarters.

The full gang are back and have a bucket load of Gen Con news to go through. We cast our expert* eyes over the latest tabletop gaming and board game news, such as the new Marvel games from Fantasy Flight Games and the announcement of Ankh from CMON.

We then take an in-depth look at single play mystery game Undo from Pegasus Spiele and Bunny Kingdom from Iello and Richard Garfield.

*The Polyhedron Collider team are not classified as experts in any field.

News Collider Board Game News News Collider Board Game Gen Con CMON Ankh Gods of Egyp CyberPunk 2077 Back To the Future Tiny Towns Expansion FFG Marvel Champions Arkham Final Hour


Lots and lots of news.

There’s also lots of stuff I left out.

So much news...
Bosk Board Game Review - Box Art

Bosk: noun
a small wood or thicket, especially of bushes.

According to Urbandictionary.com it can also mean good, great, or enjoyable. (don’t look into Urban Dictionary to much here as it gets a little...spicy).  So, is Bosk bosk?  And if Bosk is bosk, how bosk is it?  And, if a squirrel jumps out of a tree in Bosk and lands on your pile of leaves how bosking annoying is it?
News Collider Board Game News Games Workshop Report Record Breaking Profits Sony Executive Exec Expo PAX South Gen Con Make A Wish

This week's News Collider is all about "more".

More good feels when Gen Con and the Make-A-Wish Foundation work together.
More profits for a UK miniatures monolith
More board game holidays and conventions
More special editions of a classic game
And with Gen Con starting tomorrow, expect even more next week!
Kickstarter Highlights Hot Projects Campaigns Kisarta Materia Prima Smartphone Inc Import Export On the Rocks

This week's highlights comes to you with the sub heading of: Kickstarter's Debuts and Reprints Edition, simply because a number of the campaigns featured this week are from brand-spanking-new designers and/or publishers and those that aren’t new are for games that desperately need a second edition to sate the demand of all you game hungry gamers and collectors. 

A weekend of celebrating Andy’s 40th has led to a couple of casualties, as the skeleton crew of Andy and Steve man the show.  We talk about the latest crazy technology from CMON, the Warhammer TV show in the works, as well as Molkky and Gaia Project.

We then take care of the burgeoning mail back, answering questions on the value of a board game, the evolution of the hadron collider and games to play outside.

Too Many Bones - Cover - Chip Theory Games

Ordinarily, the name of a game gives a clue as to the content, theme or idea behind it. It seems that Chip Theory Games beg to differ and named their game, Too Many Bones, based on Moon Logic and a vague idea. For the game is not about, as you might expect, skeletons, pirates, the undead or even the exploits of an enthusiastic grave-digger with hoarding tendencies who is running out of storage space.
News Collider - Diana Jones Award Nominees, Spiel de Jahres Winners, Funkoverse, Dragon BAll Z board game, Eisenhorn Live Action TV Show, Tryanny of Dragons D&D turns 5

Unlikely and unwelcome teams ups, award nominations and award winners, record breakers, birthday presents and long overdue TV show adaptations.  This is what awaits you in this week’s News Collider, the best, and strangest tid bits of board gaming news from around the internet
Kickstarter Highlights - Conan Savage Lands, One Small Step, Trudvang Legends, Rush MD, Once We Moved Like The Wind

The Polyhedron Collider Kickstarter Highlights isn't just about banging a drum for the big games, the games that everyone already knows about, games that everyone is already backing (or considering).  No, we here at Collider Towers are masters of our own wallets so there is no mention of the latest Awaken Realms campaign (the new one that reached half a million dollars in less than 30 minutes).

Instead, we are talking about games that have genuinely piqued our interest, the Apache War, the moon landing, Conan, the new legacy game from CMON and the real time dexterity co-op game, that are all on Kickstarter and they all look ace!
Imperial Settlers Empire of the North Review First Thoughts

Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North is a stand-alone, spin-off game set in the “Imperial Settlers Universe”, and although it still hits all the major beats you’d expect from an Imperial Settlers game it has a different...rhythm.  

It’s like a new, collaborative song from a well known band, you instantly know its them but its different enough to make you second guess what you are hearing.  Kind of like when Ed Sheeran did a song with Justin Beeber.  Except Empires of the North isn’t utter bollocks, in fact, it’s rather good.
Dwarf Kickstarter Review

There’s a point whilst analysing a game’s design when you realise you’ve seen through the surface information and begun to understand what the game’s designer was trying to do. You’ve opened a window into the designers mind, and can rationalise every design decision and look back at the path that led them to this point. It doesn’t make a game any better but gives you an understanding of why.

Dwarf is such a game. A two to three player worker placement game about dwarves (or is it dwarfs I can never remember), doing what dwarfs/dwarves do; mining, smelting, forging and defending against dragons. Dwarfs are renowned for their greed so the winner is the player who has the most resources in two of the three categories; steel, gold and forged items.
Kickstarter Highlights - Kaldori, Seasons of Rice, Dino Genics Controlled Chaos, Britannia

I think I need to have a word with Steve about Danger Pay.  You see, it’s pretty dangerous having to scour Kickstarter each week purposely looking for campaigns to bring to your attention.  Projects that catch my eye and imagination.  Games that have fantastic miniatures and fancy-pants components, game trayz and exclusives.  Games that kindle a longing, the absence of which I can feel when I look at my game shelf.

Yes, it’s dangerous looking and rarely touching these pretties, and most dangerous of all is the never ending stream of great looking games onKickstarter, these are but a few of our favourites...   
The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 65 - Jonathan Strange, Dice Hospital Expansions, Empires of the North

The boys from Polyhedron Collider are back with another generous helping of table top gaming chat, so slip into your elasticated conversation trousers and get your fill of board games and roleplaying games. 

Today Andy, Rory and Steve talk about English Magic in Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, go to the maternity wing in Dice Hospital Community Care and brave the North Sea in Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North.  We also have a quick quiz courtesy of Blockbuster from Pig Potato Games.

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