I wanted to offer a big thank you to everyone who has visited Polyhedron Collider. I should be thanking you more often but today is a bit more special. A year ago I set myself a modest goal to try and expand the blog further, and set myself a target of achieving 100,000 page views in 2015. It’s a not a big goal, other gaming websites do this kind of audience in their sleep (The Dice Tower just announced 100,000 views in a day!) but for me this was a significant increase on last year’s numbers and I wanted to offer a big thank you for making that possible.
T.I.M.E Stories: The Marcy Case Review
The Marcy Case is the first Expansion for T.I.M.E Stories, though I really wish it had been included in the base game. It's a set of large format cards that add a completely new time travelling adventure to the original game. You'll be sent back to 1992 to find Marcy, a young girl who for some reason is important to the future world.

The aim is to keep this review spoiler free, but some mild spoilers will have to creep in to discuss the expansion. So from this point often there will spoilers, you have been warned.
Codenames Board Game Review

Codenames isn't the kind of game I would normally play. It hasn't got miniatures, dice, Cthulhu or light sabres. It doesn't involve controlling territory, raising armies or levelling up. Instead Codenames is a simple game about word play and I'm beginning to think it's the best game of the year.
The LCG System is Just as Broken as Random Booster Packs 
I don't usually try to be negative but I wish to make a criticism of the Living Card Game, or LCG, system.  It is something that has been bugging me for some time but discussions all over the internet about the distribution method adopted for T.I.M.E Stories and my recent review of Doomtown Reloaded have brought it to the forefront of my mind. The issue is that I believe the LCG system is just as broken and a cash grab as the traditional collectible card game format, it's a controversial view but hear me out.
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