News Collider - Board Game News 27/02/2019

Lots of things to announce this week, from new Dungeons and Dragons books (steady, Andy) to reskinned Talisman games (down Jon!) and an expansion for Anachrony (easy, Steve). There’s even a few off.

And needless to say, Andy is all over at least three of them.
The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 57 - Pulsar 2849, Zoocracy, Tiny Towns and a lot more Root

Fresh from a full weekend of gaming at City of Games, the boys from PHC download all the information they can about the games they played.  Jon’s news ferrets find us some juicy Spielberg influenced titbits of tabletop gaming news.  

We then proceed to have a good old chin wag about Pulsar 2849, Zoocracy, Tiny Towns and Blood Rage, as well as have another chat about Root.

Otrio may look like a simple game, a game so simple that you may even think yourself capable of guessing the rules and if that is the case, you’d be bang on.  Does its simplicity make it devoid of comment?  Does it mean that it isn’t just bloody good fun to play?  No, not one bit.
Polyhedron Collider Board Game News

This week we have games based on movies, more games based on movies, games based on TV shows, more games based on TV shows, face-lifts, re-implementations and why board games are good for your love life.

There’s more news this week than you can shake a stick at, though how shaking a stick at something is a metric for anything is beyond me.  It’s barely an SI unit and has that stick been properly calibrated? Is there traceability on its origin? Has the stick shaking been taking place in a controlled environment? It just makes you want to hark back to pre-decimal days. 

So this week we present to you several Cow’s Grass (look it up) of news.

Pour yourself a large glass of your tipple of choice, get yourself comfy, and get ready for another session of top quality board gaming chat from the boys at Polyhedron Collider.

Jon’s news ferrets have been hard at work, gathering the latest news and the hottest Kickstarter. When it comes to games, Steve is getting sticky with Folded Space and Vektorace, Andy goes down to the woods with Root and Jon conquers the solar system in Onward to Venus.

We then dive into the mailbag, and have a surprisingly mature discussion when we are asked if the board game bubble is about to burst.
Century Eastern Wonders - Plan B Games - Board Game Review

Psychology is an interesting subject. Not just because many years ago in a pub I (foolishly) proclaimed it’s “not a real science” after many jars, but because it affects all of us in different ways. We’re predisposed to like or dislike certain things, find stuff tasty or disgusting or, in my case, buy stuff because we’ve had a single good experience with something similar in the past. For example, Stonemaier Games, my fascination with E46 BMWs or Steve’s weird obsession with anything Lovecraft.
News Collider – Board Game News 6/2/2019

It’s amazing what you discover when panning for golden nuggets of board game news.  Today I learnt that Ascension is still a thing, and that psychical expansions are still being made. And do you know what, it made me smile.

Other things that might make you smile are a new version of Castles of Burgandy, a Mystic Vale video game and the end of The Big Bang Theory.

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