Real life version of Hearthstone
Those cheeky Chinese have done it again and created a physical version of the online CCG sensation Hearthstone.  Since first released by Blizzard card gamers have been asking if Hearthstone will come to a physical version, hoping for a replacement for the now defunct World of Warcraft TCG but most people who have played Hearthstone agree that it just wouldn’t work as a physical game.
Tash Kalar board game news and Everfrost Expansion
I like Tash-Kalar. It’s an interesting and unique abstract game that involves laying down tokens in patterns to release giant monsters into a gladiatorial battlefield. I really like Tash-Kalar buy apparently Z-Man Games doesn’t like me.
Chess 2 the sequel review
How do you improve on chess? David Sirlin, the designer of fighting card game Yomi and the man who famously balanced Streetfighter 2, reckons he knows a thing or two about improving games and so has made Chess 2 the game the promises to take Chess to the next level.
King DOwn Kickstarter Preview

King Down is the prequel to Chess, well in the narrative sense at least (Chaturanga is the real prequel) but that’s not a very good description of what this Kickstarter game is all about. A better way to explain it would be that King Down is a card driven battle game that takes a lot of its ideas from Chess but mixes them up in interesting ways.
PlayMe on Kickstarter PlayMe, a dice game for 2 to 6 players based on Alice in Wonderland, is now on Kickstarter.
Mage Company News Hoyuk, Orcfather Raid & Trade 12 Realms
  Mage Company, the Greek game developers behind games such as 12 Realms and Höyük, have given us a massive information dump so we’re running a special news round up with news on Höyük's release, 12 Realms expansions and their latest and upcoming Kickstarter projects.
Tabletop Town Hab Units 
Tabletop Towns, the creators of cheap but great looking cardboard terrain, have returned to Kickstarter with a set of science fiction habitation units.
Galactic Arena Kickstarter Preview 
Storyception Games are beginning their journey on a very ambitious project because Galactic Arena is intended to be the first in a series of five games from the Greek developers that explore the world of galactic conflict that is The Apocalypse Universe. Characters will move between RPGs, tactical board games, dice games and card games.  With such lofty goals it’s important that the first game in such a series hits the ground running and provides a compelling universe that players want to return to. Does Galactic Arena achieve this? The answer is; almost.
The Spoils The Basic Box of Awesomeness Review 
There’s going to be a lot of tip toeing around in this review because it's hard to talk about The Spoils without mentioning the M word. It’s the elephant in the room because The Spoils takes so much of its DNA from another more popular collectible card game I’m going to try and avoid drawing comparisons until the very end.
Eminence: Xander's Tales 
Eminence: Xander’s Tale, the card collecting video game we featured a few months back, has hit Kickstarter. Influenced by the triple triad card game from Final Fantasy VIII, Eminence blends the card battling and collecting features of trading cards games and mixes them with an exploration reminiscent of Pokémon and 8 bit Zelda titles.
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