Hegemony ​is ​a socio-economic euro-style ​game, ​and effectively, ​ ​each ​player ​has ​a ​different ​class of citizens they are attempting to lead to victory.  And by victory, we obviously mean, collect the most points.  One of the most interesting things about Hegemony is the ​dynamic ​between ​these ​four ​completely ​different ​classes and their ​goals; there's ​a ​lot ​of ​symbiosis ​in ​this ​game, ​and ​it's ​really ​clever and as clever as that may be, it’s by far and away not even the best part of this game.

Polyhedron Collider The Whit Castle Board Game Review
White Castle is an extremely tight euro dice placement game in which you take the role of a clan leader in Japan.  Throughout the game, you are going to send your Courtiers, your Warriors, and your Gardeners out into the land to curry favour with the Emperor so that you can earn your prestige.  The player with the most prestige at the end of the game wins.

The entire game lasts nine turns, so, in case you missed it in the first paragraph.  This game is very tight.
Polyhedron Collider Episode 142 - Peurto Rico, The Gig and Agents of Dune RPG

A relative return to normality at Polyhedron Collider HQ as we discuss the start of Rory and Steve's Top 100 challenge and the games we have played along the way. We then segway to some smooth jazz in rolle and write game The Gig and find spice in the desert in Agents of Dune RPG starter set, before asking questions about rulebooks and board games that use RPG mechanics.

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