I won't lie, I do love me a bit of 4X, so when I heard that a new one was careering its way to Kickstarter like a drunk to a kebab house, I was more than a little interested. Noting that Galactic Era would be on show at the UK Games Expo, I made a beeline for it with my partner and sat down with Channing Jones, designer of Galactic Era, to have a run through of his upcoming game to see how it shapes up.

Inuit The Snow Folk Board Game Review

Inuit is a lavishly illustrated tableau builder that has players growing their small Inuit village in one of the most inhospitable landscapes on the planet.  You’ll have to scout the tundra, trap seals, hunt polar bears and conduct rites in order to not only survive but to flourish.
Board Game News Collider Magic The Gathering Hall of Fame, Dungeons and Dragons Clue Cluedo, Vox Machina Critical Roll Animated TV Show Signed to Amazon Prime UK Games Expo Industry Summit

This week’s News Collider is a little heavy on the RPG front as the Critical Role team sign with Amazon for seasons one and two of the animated telling of the adventures of Vox Machina, Dungeons & Dragons Cluedo second edition is announced and the very sad news about RPG publisher Burning Games closing down.

There’s also some board game business news and a new UK convention in the planning, so grab a cuppa and catch up the latest in tabletop gaming news.

Steve has been sent a mystery package by Board & Dice, so sit back with your favourite tipple as we describe all. We’ll also have our usual round up of the latest tabletop gaming news and in depth chat about the board games we’ve been playing.

This week all four members of the PHC crew have been sunning it in Tungaru, the latest kickstarter from Alley Cat Games and Steve and Andy get alchemy confused with worshipping in Trismegistus: The Ultimate Formula.

Is Rory's mic still working?

Triplock Board Game Review

I've mentioned in passing my feelings for Triplock from Chip Theory games a handful of times on the podcast already, so some of you reading this will be doing so with that dangerous glimmer in you eyes that suggests you know what is about to happen.  For others, allow me to summarise my thoughts as: It’s shit.

As much as I am tempted to leave nothing more than that two-word review, it simply isn't enough to tell you that Triplock is shit and that it is by far and away the worst game I have ever had the misfortune to play.  After all, you’ve either come here to read an informed and detailed critique of the game or to watch a good kicking.

With no further ado, may I present my review of Triplock: An Exercise in Futility and Frustration.
Tungaru kickstarter board game review

One of my biggest problems in life is my inability to relax. I have one of those minds that needs to be constantly doing something, constantly active. Which is why sitting on a tropical beach is not something that generally appeals to me, it also might be why I’m having a little trouble relating to Tungaru, the latest big board game from Alley Cat Games and designers Louis and Stefan Malz. Because although Tangaru has all the euro game stalwarts of resources, trading and action selection, it's all very gentle.
News Collider Board Game Baldurs Gate 3 Mindflayer Catan World Explorers Live Action Monopoly Warcraft Small World

This week’s News Collider is a bit of a video game special, which may sound odd since Polyhedron Collider is all about tabletop games but there is a very strong link between the two here.  

We’re talking Dungeons & Dragons, Warcraft, Monopoly, Catan and the most recent winner of the Golden Cube.
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