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Fast on the heels of the Talisman release, it's been a big month for digital licences of Games Workshop games. There have been two major announcements in the form of a Creative Assembly Warhammer game as well as a video game of the classic Space Hulk board game. But they are not the only games currently in development.

Total War(hammer)

The first big news announcement recently was that Creative Assembly, developers of the Total War series of PC games has obtained the rights to Warhammer Fantasy and is going to make several games based on the licence. There are zero details at this point but the development house have made a history for themselves creating in depth, regiment based battles that perfectly suit the Warhammer licence.

Now imagine this but with Orcs

Space Hulk

The second announcement was the release of a digital conversation of the Space Hulk board game. This isn't the first time such a thing has happened (it's actually the third) but whereas other games where interpretations of the licence this is apparently a true version of the 3rd edition board game. I'm hoping this game has some nice built in AI that allows you to play as just the Space Marines and, unless I can find the hundreds of pounds this currently sells for on eBay, I'm not going to be playing the physical game any time soon.
I want to play this game but I'm not shelling out eBay prices which means an iOS version will be perfect.

Warhammer Quest

There is just a teaser trailer so far but apparently making an iOS version of the 90's boardgame. Warhammer Quest is a dungeon crawling game that traces its heritage through Heroquest and Advanced Heroquest. Its announcement has spread some speculation and rumour that the physical game will receive a re-print shortly after the iOS release. There is no evidence to back this theory up and I think if there is any truth then you're most likely going to see this as a Games Workshop limited print run release in the same vein as Space Hulk and Dreadfleet. Those that think FFG will do I a reprint I think are mistaken as it will be in direct competition to their recent release of Descent 2nd edition.

Maybe we'll see a reprinting of this board game?

Dark Millennium & Space Marine 2

I liked Space Marine, it actually felt like being a marine; the bolter sounded right and stomping orks with your jump pack was immense fun. A lot of people criticised it for being a Gears of War clone which, kind of misses the point, Space Marines don't need to hind behind chest high walls they can just jump in and make the orks tastes the teeth of their chainsword. A second game is rumoured but hasn't been officially announced; THQ aren't exactly in the finest of financial positions at the moment but the sales of Space Marine where rather good. However, a lot of work has been done on Dark Millennium online, an MMO set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Personally, I've never really been a fan of MMOs, they just don't gel with me but the footage of Dark Millennium did intrigue me. However, Relic has since abandoned the MMO aspect of the game and is currently converting it into a single player game, whether this game becomes Space Marine 2 is pure speculation.

Dawn of War 3

The biggest franchise in GW's digital IP has always been the Dawn of War series. Converting the world of table top gaming into a real time strategy game was a brilliant moving, making it one of the best games in it genre was pure class. There have already been seven releases in the Dawn of War franchise and THQ have confirmed that Relic have begun work on Dawn of War 3. We're probably not going to see this game until 2014 and at this point no-one really knows what form it's going to take. If you're a fan of Relic's Dawn of War games, I strongly recommend the Company of Heroes series, a game that felt more like Dawn of War 2 than Dawn of war 2 did.

Dark Crusade was the jewel in the Dawn of War crown.

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