New Millennium Falcon for X-Wing

New Millenium Falcon for X-Wing

We told you so! When the Forces Awakens trailers hit, showing off all the shiny new images for Star Wars Episode VII, we saw a glimpse of some new ships and wrote about how they might appear in Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game and Star Wars Armada. Many people, quite rightly, called us out for rampant speculation, especially with regard to a new Millennium Falcon model, but we were right.

Fantasy Flight Games announced today that they will be releasing the Heroes of the Resistance expansion for X-Wing, including a new model of the Millennium Falcon, complete with square radar and a black and orange T-70 X-Wing.

star wars x-wing Heroes of the Resistance expansion

Apart from some snazzy new paint work, and a subtle change in Sky dish, what’s new? Well for starters we now have a second Poe Dameron card, which is exactly the same but with an extra point of pilot skill for 2 extra points cost as well as the usual array of named pilots and ‘squadron pilots’ which unfortunately are all obscured in the images.

Now there are those that consider the YT-1300 to be a bit overpowered, and the new cards aren’t going to do a lot to change that thought.  You now have a new Millennium Falcon title card that allows the freighter to effectively do a Segnor’s loop, making it even more manoeuvrable.

New Millenium Falcon for X-Wing

You then have Rey who allows you to reroll 2 blank dice as long as an enemy ship is in your firing arc. 2! I foresee poor Rey putting a few pounds on and becoming the Fat Rey very soon.

Speaking of the fat boys there are also two new Chewbacca and Han Solo cards, but again the current images do not reveal their abilities.

star wars x-wing Rey card

So what do you think? Will you be expanding your collection to a second (or even third) YT-1300? As someone who regularly uses both YT freighters I must admit it’s a very tempting expansion.
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