Polyhedron Collider will be at Airecon and we need your help!

 Polyhedron Collider will be at Airecon and we need your help!

Ever wondered what the best Euro Game is? Which publisher makes the best Meeples? Or what Jon’s favourite cheese is? 

On Saturday the 10th March 2018, the Polyhedron Collider team will be at Airecon in Harrogate, and at 4:30 pm in the King’s Suite we will be joined by a host of bloggers, vloggers and ploggers* for On the Couch with Polyhedron Collider. We will be joined by Efka and Elaine from No Pun Included, Paul Grogan from Gaming Rules and many others including the Game Pit and Unlucky Frog Gaming podcasts and we want your help.

We want questions. Any question you deem fit for a massive panel of board gaming media. It could be a serious question about Kickstarter or the fate of the friendly local gaming store, or it could be as whimsical or as silly as you want. Each guest will be asked questions at random, so who knows who will be asked what – no doubt it will be chaotic, but it wouldn’t be Polyhedron Collider without some ramshackle nonsense.

You can post your questions below, at Polyhedron Collider, on the board game geek guild, Facebook or Twitter.

We hope to see all you lovely people at Airecon in just a couple of weeks!

For more details about Airecon go to https://airecon.uk and check out the events page for even more seminars, games and events.

polyhedron collider at Airecon
*By the way I didn’t make up the term ‘plogger’, Mark from Airecon did, so if you don’t like it go argue with him – good luck he’s 8 feet tall!
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