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There is an important mantra in the world of tabletop gaming “the dice must flow”, to misquote a famous sci-fi novel.  When we started this little weekly news roundup we were worried that there may be one or two games a week we could mention. We were wrong, as yet again we are faced with a pile of board game news bigger than a spice worm's… melange deposit.

This week we've got exciting news about a Dune reprint, a new Die Hard board game and news on a D&D movie and a tabletop gaming TV show.

Dune board game reprint
Sneak Peak at Dune Board Game Reprint Board Game News

It’s one of those games that is talked about only in hushed voices, as few have ever played and fewer still own a copy.  That, however, is soon to change.  Gale Force Nine will be bringing a reprint of the much beloved game based upon the seminal Frank Herbert sci-fi novel, Dune back to game shelves everywhere.  

First published in 1979, the game has been out of print since 1984 when the movie kind of disappointed a lot of folks.  It was since re-released by Fantasy Flight Games in 2012, but because the Herbert estate wasn’t budging on the licence deal, it was re-branded in the Twilight Imperium setting as Rex.  

Gale Force 9 haven’t revealed a release date or any other information other than one of the designers taking to Twitter to say it’ll be “better than ever” and the teaser images released so far look like they are using a popular print and play version for the art. Our bet is that the game will be released in time for the new Dune filming coming in 2020.

Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist Board Game
Die Hard Board Game News

That’s right.  A board game based on the amazeballs action movie Die Hard is on it’s way.  From the holder of all licenses, The OP (USAopoly) comes a board game that designer Patrick Marino says will “incorporate[...] even the slightest details to create a rich and entertaining experience”.  

Details are scarce but we do know its a one-vs-many game for 3 to 8 players and that it’s due out in Spring (which technically starts where the hell is it?!).

Martin Wallace’s Age of Steam
Martin Wallace Age of Steam Deluxe Edition Debarcle Board Game News

The spat is officially over. Did I say spat, I meant to say the legal arguments regarding the correct ownership of the rights to Age of Steam is now officially over and everyone can breath a huge sigh of relief. In case you’ve missed out on this recent board game drama, here are the highlights; Eagle Games launched a Kickstarter for a reprint of Age of Steam, Martin Wallace makes a public statement that the game was stolen from him, something happens in the background, Martin Wallace makes a public statement to say that it has all been amicably resolved (although it reads like someone is holding a gun to Mr Wallace’s head as he writes).

The good news is that if you were not thinking of not backing Age of Steam because of the drama, you can now back in good conscience. Its too late though as the Kickstarter has just ended!

Namiji - the Tokaido sequel
Namiji Tokiado Sequel Board Game News

Funforge games have announced a sequel to the very beautiful, Tokaido with Namiji, a game about sailing through Japan’s islands and fishing.  With art once again provided by Xavier Gueniffey Durin Namiji will no doubt look splendid on the table. 

The game follows it predecessor in many ways.  You are once again taking a journey, gaining experiences and seeing wondrous sights.  Shrimping spaces add a push-your-luck style mechanic with a draw bag, and fishing spaces add fish cards with players looking to complete full columns.  

There seems to be plenty going on, and lots of small changes, whether this game will offer anything significantly different from Tokaido remains to be seen, but I guess we’ll find out when it’s released later this year.

Above Board the Tabletop TV Show
Above Board Board Game TV Show News

We tabletop gamers are getting a mainstream TV show called Above Board.  It is tipped to be a cross between Top Gear and the Daily Show.  The show will feature general board game discussion, banter and interviews.  Folks already with their names in the “Special Guest” spot include Jamey Stegmaier, Stefan Feld and Reiner Knizia.  The show is being crafted by voice actor and director Travis Oates (most notably providing the voice of Piglet in the Whinnie the Pooh movie). 

So far, we at Collider Towers have not been approached to host the UK version, but we’re expecting the phone to ring any day now.

Any day.

Labyrinth RPG 
Labyrinth Adventures Role Play Game RPG BOard Game News

Finally, an excuse to wear my codpiece!  One of my favourite childhood movies of all time is coming to a Games Master’s screen very soon.  From River Horse, Labyrinth: The Adventure Game will pit players in a race against time to beat the Goblin King and escape the labyrinth.  The game is being described as a sourcebook, compatible with other existing role-play systems and also as a stand-alone RPG complete with an “epic adventure” - penned by Ben Milton (Maze Rats and Knave).  

The book will also feature artwork from the movie’s concept and costume designer, Brian Froud (seen previously in the rather excellent The Goblins of the Labyrinth). 

Dungeons & Dragons Movie News
D&D Dungeons & Dragons Movie News RPG

The Paramount Dungeons and Dragons movie has been floating around Hollywood for some time now, but it seems to be finally picking up a little traction.  Reported on “That Hashtag Show” a new and revised version of the movie’s script (by Michael Gillio) has been “well received”.  Now the studio is touting for a male lead and the list they are looking at is impressive to say the least, including Will Smith, Josh Brolin, Chris Pratt, Joel Edgerton, Jeremy Renner and more...yes, Vin Diesel is in the list too, but no Joe Manganiello.  

The film is still scheduled to screen in July 2021 and we’ll bring you more news as we get it.
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