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Polyhedron News Collider Board Game News DMS Guild Roll20, Stranger Things, Dungeons and Dragons Movie Trailer, Cascadia Spiel des Jahres, Wordle Party Game

Back from a short hiatus due to bugger all board game news and a bout of COVID, but it’s here the latest and greatest bits of board gaming news from around the table top gaming community.

In this week’s News Collider we learn about the board games based on the very popular mobile game; Worlde, a new Stranger Things game from Rob Daviau and CMON and of course the new trailer for next year’s Dungeons & Dragons movie!

Polyhedron News Collider Board Game News DMS GUILD PARTNERS WITH ROLL20

Most Dungeons & Dragons will be familiar with OneBookShelf’s DMs Guild, an online resource that allows creators and dungeon masters to peruse and purchase a huge array of content for their adventures.  Thanks to this new partnership with Roll20, one of the largest online RPG platforms, creators can now add their custom Roll20 adventures, including maps, tokens and handouts to the DMs Guild, making it easier and faster for DMs to drop new content into their games.

Polyhedron News Collider Board Game News Cascadia wins Psiel ldes Jahres

The winners are in for the much coveted Spiel Del Jahres award – the Oscars of the board gaming world. 

This year’s top game went to Cascadia, designed by Randy Flynn and published by Flatout Games, with the Connoisseur-game of the year (Kennerspiel del Jahres) going to Living Forest, designed by Aske Christiansen and published by Pegasus Spiele.

If you haven’t already tried these games out be sure to give them a go…if you can get your hands on a copy… 

Polyhedron News Collider Board Game News Wordel the Party Game

There’s a fair chance you’ve played Wordle, and if you haven’t there’s no doubt you’ve heard of it.  Well, soon the game will be gracing our table tops in a competitive format.  Wordle: The Party Game is being published by Hasbro and will be released later this year.  In this version, one player writes a secret word and the other players need to figure out what it could be, with a maximum of six attempts, the fewer attempts the fewer points you get and the player with the lowest score at the end of the game wins.


Polyhedron News Collider Board Game News CMON Rob Daviau Stranger Things Board Game

Don’t panic, this isn’t another Monopoly or Cludeo reskin – this is a brand new, original game from designer Rob Daviau (yeah, him from Pandemic Legacy, Seafall, and Return to dark Tower) and will be published – direct to retail – by CMON!

Details are still a little thin, all we know really is that this will be a co-op game about saving the town of Hawkins from the Upside Down.  The game is in the final stages of playtesting and design with just a few more tweaks needed, but the Duffer Brothers have played a game and we can only assume they’ve given the thumbs up.

Stranger Things will release in 2023.


The upcoming Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie trailer dropped recently, so if you haven’t seen it you should check it out.  No doubt this will be discussed on the upcoming podcast…

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