Kickstarter Collision October 2013

We know October is here because the shops are now selling mince pies and the pub we play board games in has put up their Christmas tree. Yes autumn is now upon us, the weather is getting wetter and the nights are getting darker and the only way you're going to cheer yourself up is by investing in some new and shiny boardgames.

But before we delve into the new hotness let’s recap on September’s projects:
  • 404: Law not Found has a few days still to go but has passed its funding target, and is well on its way to some juicy stretch goals.
  • Burning Suns also passed its funding goal with a few days spare there’s still a chance to get in on this one.
  • Ashes-Dark Side of the Moon failed to meet its funding raising only £6k of the £30k asked for
  • Septikon Uranium Wars almost doubled its funding goal, which wasn’t really surprising with e buzz surrounding this game.
  • And last of all Wrath of Kings surprised absolutely no-one when it managed to raise nearly ¾ of a million dollars yet again Cool Mini or Not have had a storming project.

Darklands: First Edition

We like to support our fellow Brits here on Polyhedron Collider especially when they take Norse, Roman and Celtic mythology and make a cool looking miniatures game.

“Darklands is a table top skirmish wargame in which YOU command the hosts of man and beast that your ancestors once did for glory, power or simple survival. Fight breath-taking battles on your table top with SOME of the most stunning resin miniatures ever created! What if dragons really flew, in those ancient times, and, giants really walked the earth? What if berserkers actually wore bear-men, man and bear joined together? What if all of the myths and legends we take for granted were real and our ancestors fought against - and with - creatures and beings and realms we thought were nothing more than the fantasies of our uncivilised selves? Darkland, answers all of those questions for you and more, so, take a deep breath and re-create the true History our world...”

Darkland's project has the same problem as Wrath of Kings last month, there are loads of images of amazing looking miniatures but very little information on the actual game. To find out about that you have to hunt down the previous Kickstarter for the Darklands Starter edition:

Darklands has already raised £64,000 and was looking for £20,000.


There's a familiar face in this month's round up as Xi, a card game we I played at the UK Games Expo launches its project. Xi is a collectible card game where two players battle it out using an innovative time action function thingy.
"A game for 2 or more players, Xi Cards involves using an army of heroes, creatures and elementals in combination with spell cards to duel your opponent. There are 6 different factions in the game, each allowing for different strategies and styles of play. Mix and match cards or use one of our preset decks and find the strategy that works best for you."
It’s fair to say that the version of Xi that I played had some pretty solid mechanics but lacked the spark necessary to make it stand out. Xi is a beautiful looking card game with an innovative 'time' based draw system, if you're looking for a solid two player card game then its worth considering. Xi is looking for £4,000.


Have you ever fancied yourself as David Niven? Of course you have, who wouldn’t want to be a 70‘s international jewel thief that looks good in a polo neck. Well now you can live out your diamond stealing dreams without being interrupted by bumbling French detectives in Larceny, a party game about stealing jewels and looking cool, ok maybe its juts about stealing jewels.

“Larceny is a fast paced party game where you and your friends plan one heist after another. Each round a different player is the Chief and decides which solution is best to overcome the inevitable catch in your perfect plan. Think you can plan the perfect heist?”
Larceny is looking for $15,000 and looks like a fun little card game.


Many games see tablet and smartphone versions of their cardboard designs as a separate venture but Fablesmith are doing something interesting with Ortus an abstract two player game. Not only can you pledge for a physical copy of the game but you can also get just the digital version, it’s an interesting concept and looks like it’s already playing off.

"Ortus is a fast paced tactical game for two players. Meeting your opponent on the legendary Ortus arena, you take control of a small band of specialized warriors. Each warrior is deeply disciplined in one of the 4 elements. From the elusive Winds and spiritual twin Fires to the ungraspable Earth and fatal Waters. Each warrior has a unique character and function on the battlefield. Can you master every element and thus prove yourself the superior tactician? We shall see."

Abstract games and thematic games are usually miles apart but Ortus looks like a game that managed to be both abstract and thematic. Ortus has already met it's goal of $6,000.

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