News Collider: Koryŏ, Seafall, Descent Lieutenants and Quantum

It seems to have been a while since we did a news round up. I’m not sure why that is, either the news has been a reluctant badger hiding from the latest cull or I’ve been a lazy web writer. Both concepts are ludicrous enough to be true so let’s have a look at some steam-punk trick taking, the latest legacy game, some lieutenant miniatures for overlords to spruce up their Descent games and dice flying, cube powered intergalactic combat.


card game news koryo steampunk

I’ve never quite understood the term Steam punk, to me it conjures up images of Jonny Rotten driving a locomotive, not goggles and coal powered Gatling guns. However, I am a sucker for the visual style and with Koryŏ you can practically hear the pistons and gears.

Koryŏ is a quick to play card game where players have to balance short term rewards against long term goals. At its heart it’s a trick taking game where the owner of specific cards gets bonus that may help them but not necessarily win them the game but its Koryŏ’s artistic style that makes it really stand out, just look at those cards.
card game news koryo steampunk

Koryŏ is being published by Asmodee and should be out this month.


board game news seafall legacy game
Risk Legacy caused quite a stir, a game where you actually changed the rules between games and where everyone’s version became something unique. Plait Hat Games have announced they are working with Risk Legacy’s designer, Rob Daviau, on the latest legacy game Seafall.

Seafall is an epic game set in the age of sail and players will explore and expand their empire across an every changing board.
“Players take on the role of a main land empire who each consult with a consortium of advisors to discover new islands, explore those islands, develop trade, send out raiding parties, take part in ship to ship combat, and more.”

Seafall promises to be quite a heavy game and is set for release in 2014. There are very few details at the moment but this will be one to watch.

Descent Lieutenants

board game news descent lieutenants miniatures
One of the issues with Descent is that you get all these fancy miniatures for your heroes and minions but boring little cardboard disks to represent the overlord’s lieutenants. Well Fantasy Flight Games have released a series of Lieutenant Packs that include miniatures for all the lieutenants in the original game and now in the expansions.

board game news descent lieutenants miniatures

These aren’t just simple miniatures; each one also comes with a Plot deck which can be selected at the beginning of the campaign to add extra options to the Overlord’s arsenal themed around the lieutenant used. For example, Splig gives the overlord opportunities for goblins to retreat or dive for cover. In addition the lieutenants come with rules for adding them into any quest, not just for the quests they appear in the campaign.

board game news descent lieutenants miniatures

Descent lieutenants will be released on the 22nd November.


board game news quantum
Everybody wants to rule the world according to Tears for Fears, well I want to rule the galaxy. With Quantum by Fun Forge it looks like we can do that and it won’t take too long.

Quantum is all about controlling a fleet of starships in order to build Quantum Energy Cubes and hopefully blast your opponents into star dust along the way. Quantum looks like it’s found the perfect blend of cube- shuffling, dice manipulation and science fiction theme and made it look rather pretty to boot. And when we say dice manipulation I don’t think we mean rolling as these dice represent your space ships with the number on the dice characterising the ship’s, speed and fire-power.

Quantum is due out in Essen.

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