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Board Games News Collider New Warhammer 40 Animated TV Series Dishonoured TTRPG, Adventurers FAte New DnD Board Game, The Last God Sourcebook 5e

This week's News Collider is an RPG feast!  Which makes complete sense because all the cool kids are playing tabletop role-playing games now anyway.

There are announcements about a new licensing deal here, near the dessert table there's a "surprise" sourcebook, fundraising giveaways over next to the soup terrine, naturally, there's a board game adaptation around somewhere too.

But there's more to the News Collider than just RPGs this week though, so grab your cuppa and read on.

Dishonored RPG coming from Modiphius

Board Games News Collider Dishonored RPG Role Play GAme Modiphius

Modiphius announce that they will be releasing the Dishonored Role Playing game this summer.  Steve, Andy and Jon all wet their pants when they saw this news, leaving me to wonder if this is something that just happens when you get old whilst I mopped the floors of Collider Towers.  Because I know absolutely nothing about Dishonored, I asked Steve to explain his accident:

Occult powers, plagues, steampunk ninjas and clockwork guards with arms for swords? I mean what’s not to like. Dishonored is a series about exploring a dark steampunk world full of cool tech, cooler magic and morally grey choices where almost everyone really is out for themselves. As a ttrpg there is so much potential and I really can’t wait to get this to the table.

The RPG will be released this summer using Modiphius’s 2D20 system in a 300-page hardback book which contains everything you’ll need to start playing including a four-part mini-campaign to get you going: ‘The Oil Trail".

DC Comics creating a D&D 5E Source Book

Board Games News Collider DC Comics to produce DnD Sourcebook

DC Comic will publish a D&D 5e sourcebook following their recent (ish) line of high fantasy comics, The Last God: Book One Of The Fellspyre Chronicles.  

The Last God tells the story of two fellowships of heroes attempting to overcome the same world-ending threat, 30 years apart.  The first group travelled beyond the borders of creation to defeat an undead horde and upon their return became rulers of Cain Anuun.  However, when the immortal tyrant Mol Uhltep rears its ugly head all sorts of hidden truths spill forth about these legendary heroes and a new band of brave adventurers must form to end the fight once and for all.

The Last God sourcebook will include all the information necessary to run a game in the world of Cain Anuun, including magic, weapons, classes, subclasses and monsters.  The book is written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, drawn by Riccardo Federiciwill and with new maps and illustrations from cartographer Jared Blando. 

Released on April 29th by DC's Black Label. The 40-page one-shot supplement will cost just $4.99.

New Origins Logo

Board Games News Collider GAMA updates Logo New Origins Logo

GAMA, TheGame Manufacturers Association has unveiled a new, fresh look logo for both the association itself and the Origins Game Fair that will take place this year between the 17th and 21st of June.  

Danni Loe, Communication Manager for GAMA said that: 
“Origins’ core drive is to be a tabletop event where gaming is the primary focus. To reinforce this visually, we have incorporated a D20 rolling throughout the logo, following an attendee’s gaming experience at the convention,” 

40K Animated Anthology Underway

Board Games News Collider New Warhammer 40 Animated TV Series on the way

Don’t quote me, but there's a new Warhammer 40k animated anthology series on the way.  That’s the message that came out loud and clear from Games Workshop’s Andy Smillie, head of Warhammer Media when he made a recent community announcement, saying:

"It's no secret that we're working on some really exciting projects right now. We're cheering on Angels of Death, developing Eisenhorn for live-action, and we just put the pen to paper in a 40k anthology show.  Actually, don't quote me about that last, it hasn't been announced yet. " 

Naturally, we’re quoting Andy.  Poor, foolish Andy.

That Angles of Death remark was made in reference to the latest trailer that dropped last week:

Buy D&D Stuff and Support the Australian Bushfire Relief

Right now you can get yourself some D&D goodies via the DMs Guild and help with the relief effort for the Australian Bush Fires.

The folks at the DM Guilds have pulled together 3 fantastic bundles for you as players to use (or not), each at just $9.99 (at least an 80% saving) with ALL proceeds going to the Red Cross and the World Wildlife Fund in Australia

Fight Fire with Games – Community Creators bundle full of content from many creators

Fight Fire with Games – Adventure League, is full of creator’s adventures for Adventure League play.

Fight Fire with Games – Wizards of the Coast is a bundle of official Wizards of the Coast content including Locathah Rising and a few adventures.

New D&D Co-Op Board Game

Board Games News Collider New DnD Board GAme Adventurers Gate

The eagle eyes over at DiceBreaker spotted an upcoming D&D Release during the Toy Fair held last week in London.  Adventurer’s Gate is the title at the moment, but there’s no official word yet, all the information so far point to a co-op board game that looks to introduce the world of D&D to new gamers in a board game-style setting.  From ‘not final artwork’ and other glimpses this looks to include all the major D&D betas but with a quick, accessible and streamlined rules to get players adventuring up and down the Sword Coast.

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