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Pretty Pretty Smash Up
Smash Up really is a game that could go on creating expansions forever. So far we’ve seen a whole host of new factions, from cult movie and horror icons to internet funnies such as pirates vs ninjas vs dinosaurs armed with rocket launchers. I really am surprised with not seen fantasy heroes and space marines yet but give them time. Smash Up’s latest expansion sits very much in the internet meme category and its favourite colour is pink as Alderac announce Pretty Pretty Smash Up.

Pretty Pretty Smash Up features four new factions made up of sugar and spice and all things nice:

"Fairies – From deep in the magical glades come these little sprites, bringing magical wishes and pixie dust (but only in emergencies) to your plans for world domination. Don’t judge them by their size. The Fairies’ magic gives you great options in how to deal with your enemies. 
Mythic Horses – The power of togetherness shows through in Horses, whose mighty herds race across the land, trampling any who stand in their way. Not only normal horses, but pegasi, sea-horses and more will join the fight for the base! Remember that friendship is… smashable! 
Kitty Cats – Can haz base? Kitty Cats have the power to compel those of weak will to do what they wish… and the power to have billions of internet memes. Perhaps those are the key? Either way, the Kitty Cats will use their alluring power to dominate the fight at any base. Then head out for a night of jazzy music in the alleys! 
Princesses – Dream a dream of ruling over your enemies! Princesses will make every wish come true through the power of pure love and happiness. Which can be used, oddly, to order everyone about, and even destroy your enemies. Don’t be fooled: these innocent-looking beauties are few in number, but royal, strong and determined!"

As with all the previous expansion you won’t need to buy any other Smash Up boxes to play Pretty Pretty Smash Up, the box includes everything needed to play a two player game.

Pretty Pretty Smash Up will be released March 2015.
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