News Collider: Last Night on Earth, D&D boardgames on iOS, Ascension online and a World of Warcraft card game

PAX East 2013 is happening right now so news is coming out of thick and fast. As you would expect it's mostly video game related but we've managed to cobble together a News Collider PAX'ed (bu-dum tish) with tabeltop related news.

Blood in the Forest Expansion for Last Night on Earth 

Flying Frog games have released a preview of the Blood in the Forest expansion for last night on Earth. Not only are there the expansion staples of new characters and new scenarios there will also be a new types of Zombies and some extra board tiles to make the board even bigger. Last Night on Earth may be getting forgotten about of late what with all the other zombie board games coming out but its one of my favourites and these expansion look like the add a lot to the game.

Dungeons & Dragons Board Games coming to iOS 

Those stars of the board game conversion world, Playdek are working on bringing the Dungeon’s & Dragons board game system to iOS. It’s not clear whether they are converting Castle Ravenloft, Wrath of Ashardalon or Legend of Drizzt at this point but my guess (and it is just a guess) is that they will be bringing the system as a single game with each of the board games available as expansions in a similar manner to how Ascension was managed. I personally feel that the D&D board game system is a little too light for my tastes but I think it would work rather well as a touch screen game.

Ascension returning to StoneBlade Entertainment 

 In related Playdek news, the future of the Ascension iOS game has been laid out. StoneBlade entertainment, previously Gary Games, has been working hard on Ascension online and so will be merging the iOS and online versions. This means that as of July 2014 you will no longer be able to download the iOS version. It won’t stop your current version from working in single player mode but unfortunately the multiplayer servers will be turned off. StoneBalde Entertainment is planning an iOS version of Ascension online but no details have emerged. I would  say that Ascension is one of my favourite iOS ports and it is a shame that it will be going, but if you buy it now you’ll still get a year’s worth of playing out of it.

World of Warcraft Hearthstone 

Blizzard have announced a new online collectible card game set in the World of Warcraft. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, is being developed in house by Blizzard and separate from the World of Warcraft TCG. This 'free-to-play digital strategy card game' will be coming to PC, Mac and iPad and will feature class based decks and the ability to craft items by disenchanting unwanted cards, which sounds pretty nifty. The online collectible card game space is going to get very busy and apparently the news got a rather lukewarm response during its announcement at PAX East but with this being developed by Blizzard rather than a third party I actually have high hopes.

Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014

In news that will surprise absolutely no-one Wizards of the Coast have announced Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014. The digital version of the behemoth of a collectible card game made quite a splash last year with its introduction to iPad, well this year Wizards of the Coast are taking it further and introducing Duel of the Planeswalkers to Android devices. Not only will there be new decks and new challenges there will also be a soon to be revealed new play mode.

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  1. A WoW card game is an awesome idea. I'm curious to learn more.

  2. The odd thing is there has been a Warcraft card game out for years ( but this new Hearthstone game seems to bears no relation to it.