Kickstarter Collision May (and a bit) 2014

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A bit of an odd one this, the monthly Kickstarter round-up format falls a bit short when many project run for 28 days, its means we tend to miss a lot of projects. Also in case you haven’t already noticed the UK Games expo is happening at the end of the month and I’m going to be busier than an amateur games journalist at their country’s biggest games convention. So here we have a few extra projects to wet your whistle as June’s monthly round up may be a little late.

All our projects from the previous round up have all finished so let’s see how they did.
  • Dragon Slayer, a push your opponent’s luck dice game, raised a total of $66,740. Not bad when the goal was only $5,000.
  • In Security, the hacking based dice game, may have been one of the most modest Kickstarter projects, looking for only £250 but raised £3,781!
  • Armello, was a very intriguing concept, a video game firmly based in the world of board games. And it proved a hit, raising over $300,000 AUD. 


Ever fancied being a big shot movie mogul? Well Hollywood allows you to do that as you make your own blockbuster movies, bringing together actors and actresses, directors and a script. You can then add other factors such as sound designers, producers and special effects. You then calculate the profit of the movie and hope it wins a prestigious film of the year award.

Hollywood has already been available in Russia for some time and a small print run in English was available at Essen 2013 but sold out during the show. As such there are loads of reviews floating around the web. The general gist of these reviews is that Hollywood is a light but fun to play game, that can be played in 30 minutes. Its only real issue being that because it isn’t licenced in any way (and why would it be, that would cost a fortune) all of the stars and directors are made up. Hobby World is bringing the game to Kickstarter and the international audience and had a large success last year with Septikon Uranium Wars.

Hollywood is looking for $12,000 and is already at its goal.

12 Realms Ancestors Legacy

Ancestors Legacy is the first expansion for 12 Realms. It adds not only extra Realms, bringing with them new boards, new monsters and new heroes but the game also includes plots. Plots add scenarios to the game, creating setups that allow players to thematically set up all the various optional extras for the game.

For the full scoop you can check out our interview with the game’s publishers at MAGE Company and don’t forget to check out our review of the original 12 Realms game.

Ancestors legacy has already doubled its funding goal.

Brave The Elements

“Look at this, a game about ancient civilisation building?”
“What another one?”
“Yes, but this one’s got wooden cubes and card based actions.”
“Yawn, I’m bored now.”
“..and you can send biblical scale disasters to destroy your opponent’s civilisations.”
“Now you’ve got my attention”
At first glance Brave the Elements looks a lot like Peloponnes, on second glance you realise he game has colour and doesn’t look like a grey tedious yawn fest. Whereas Brave the Elements might appear as an ancient civilisation building game, it’s more about sending earth, wind and fire to smite your opponents and take control of their buildings.

Chaos Publishing will be at the UK Games Expo, so we’re planning on bringing you a preview of the game after the show.

Brave the Elements is asking for £13,500.

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