Yomi's Gate, the plastic fantastic

Board Games are made of cardboard, those are the rules right? It’s even in the name; board games, as in cardboard games? Well that’s just old fashioned thinking because these days you can make a game out of anything, and if you have access to a laser cutter even better.

Yomi’s Gate is board game based on the old struggle of feuding Japanese clans where every single component is made from laser cut acrylic and it makes a unique sight.

Yomi's Gate laser cut acrylic board game

Promising to be a tactical blend of games such as Risk, Warhammer and Axis & Allies, Yomi’s Gate is a ‘Dudes on a Map’ game where the map changes every game. You will control Daimyo, Shogun, infantry and archers in this two player game that plays no longer than an hour.

Now this is usually where we point out the game is on Kickstarter and asking for your money now but Yomi’s Gate is a little different. Even though a future crowdfunding venture has not been ruled out Spriteborne currently have the game in early access. It’s similar to what you find with PC games on Steam, you can buy an early version of the game now so that the developers can use the money to further develop and market the game.

Yomi's Gate laser cut acrylic board game

We’ve seen plenty of people use laser cutting to make extra components, tokens and even wargaming scenery but this is the first time I’ve seen an entire game made this way. It looks very distinctive and the engineer in me wants to pop some LEDs into it and make a Tron like sci-fi game.

You can buy the alpha version of Yomi’s Gate at Spriteborne website now.
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