Battleborn Legacy is all of the Fantasy (and on Kickstarter)

Battleborn Legacy
How much fantasy do you want? Some fantasy? Here, have an orc. Oh, you wanted more fantasy, how about a dwarf and an elf? Sorry, you want even more fantasy than that? Basically what you’re saying is you want all of the fantasy, therefore you want Battleborn Legacy.

Battleborn Legacy is a two to four player game of alliances, area control, resource management, questing and levelling up. You’ll take control of a fantasy hero and a fantasy race and go about fighting all the other dwarves, elves, orcs, goblins and mages for dominance over the map. That’s a lot of game! No seriously just look at it:

Battleborn Legacy
That’s enough tree felling cardboard for even Fantasy Flight to be concerned about the environmental impact.

Battleborn Legacy is obviously not aiming to be a light and fuzzy game, and it’s not trying to grab your attention with pretty miniatures, instead the designers aim is to create a meaty blend of mechanics and theme.

Battleborn Legacy

Battleborn Legacy is on Kickstarter now.

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