Is it a dream? Spell Saga the card game

Spell Saga single player card game
It’s difficult trying to work out what Spell Saga actually is, and I think it’s all on purpose. There’s something about a boy, and the end of the world and some weird monsters. Or maybe the whole thing is just a dream.

Spell Saga is a single player card game from French Toast Gaming Co and the blurring between dreams and reality is obviously an intentional design decision. The artwork is all beautifully drawn watercolours and sketches, the creatures and enemies all weird and you’re riding on a mechanical ostrich.

Spell Saga pixie cardSpell Saga Meow Meow Card

Spell Saga is a story based game, with each act of the story taking one of 3 decks of cards, which can be played in any order. The final deck is the finale of the story arc. By revealing cards the Last Minstrel is exploring the lands ahead of him, the aim being to ensure the cards end up in the correct pile, but many locations and enemies will twist the rules to prevent you from doing this meaning that Spell Saga turns into a puzzle that needs solving before you can progress the story.

Spell Saga Cockatrice CardSpell Saga potion card

The first pack of Spell Saga cards was successfully Kickstarted back in October 2014 and now the first packs are available to pre-order form the Spell Saga Store. If you don't fancy splurging the cash just yet, the first story arc is available as a free print and play.

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