Kickstarter Highlights - 2nd July

Kickstarter Highlights Dwellings of Eldervale, Eternal Adversary, Middara, On the Underground, Roll PLayer, Super Fantasy Brawl, Secret Spy Agency

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Polyhedron Collider and the members thereof can accept no responsibility for the balance of your, the reader’s, bank account or credit card activity in relation to Kickstarter and the campaigns and projects mentioned below.  

The views and opinions expressed on the aforementioned campaigns and projects are expressly our own and are based on either on demonstrations of the games or what has simply made one or more of the Polyhedron Collider Crew say something along the lines of: “Oh, hewo”

Fair warning to you, dear reader, it's a bumper week for great kickstarters:

ROLL PLAYER - Fiends & Familiars Expansion

Kickstarter Highlights - Roll Player Fiends and Familiars

We are big RPG players here at Collider Towers and a board game that replicates the process of character building was certainly a game we want to look at.  A number of the Crew have, and I think I can speak for all of us when I say it’s a bloody brilliant game.  This new expansion adds, as the name suggests Familiars - an add-on mini-board that comes with its own special abilities and goals. And Fiends, plus more monsters and more minions to add and scale the challenges you’ll face.  Also, there’s 12 new classes of hero to build too.

Rather brilliantly, Thunderworks Games are releasing this as a “big Box” expansion, allowing you to fit the contents of the base game and the previous expansion into this new bigger box - when shelf space is a premium this is a very good move and we salute you for it!  

Super Fantasy Brawl

Kickstarter Highlights - Super Fantasy Brawl

We all managed to get a play through of this at the UK Games Expo and although this didn’t float Andy’s boat, Steve positively loved it.  This arena combat, shuffle-building game pits powerful fighting teams against one another in a no-holds-barred beat-em up.  The miniatures and art work are top shelf and the gameplay is dynamic with options and choices to either make or break your plan on each turn. 

We covered this on our post Expo run-down so you can hear us talking about our experiences of it here.

Super Secret Spy Agency

Kickstarter Highlights - Super Secret Spy Agency

A secret agent spy type Role Play Game where players will be jumping through the air shooting people, making cars explode just by shooting them and charming the pantie soff any and every PA they possibly encounter.  It’s going to let Spy and Action movie fans reenact those awesome and yet utterly ridiculous scenes and moments we love in those movies.  Incredible stunts, amazing cars and ingenious gadgets, they’re all in here.

The game works as an RPG Duet or you can take a team of spies on an adventure, and all from just £10 (for a PDF copy).

The Roleplayer’s Guide To Heists

Kickstarter Highlights - Guide To Heists

Maybe you don’t want to be a good guy.  Maybe breaking in to somewhere that is not meant to be broken into and taking something you are not supposed to take sounds like more fun,  Maybe you want to use all of those gadgets for nefarious deeds.  Or perhaps, maybe you want your super secret spy to be the one doing the breaking in.

In any event, if there is one thing The Ocean Eleven films have taught us (except the most recent one where there are only eight) is that heists are fun and cool.  Narratives (I’m in no way suggesting that committing actual crime sis cool and or fun).  

This campaign is here to help you plan a heist.  The book is packed with heist adventures in a range of settings and also includes guides on how to create your own adventure of this type.  The PDF is only £16 and the hardback is £24 AND if you want to have a proper look and get a feel for what is on offer you can even download 3 taster heists to try out.

Middara: Unintentional Malum - The Complete Trilogy

Kickstarter Highlights - Middara

This sprawling RPG style dungeon crawler boasts hundreds of hours of game play in an alternate fantasy world.  This campaign offers backers a chance to get their hands on a reprint of the original Middara and the two subsequent chapters of the narrative.

Succubus Publishing have created a game that they believe pushes the boundaries of conventionally dungeon crawlers with echoing repercussions of choices, 'failures' and deaths.  It also offers players to build the character they want, with no limitations traditionally applied by a "class system"  

Dwellings of Eldervale

Kickstarter Highlights - Dwellings of Eldervale

A medium/heavy worker placement, tableau building game with a fantasy setting, cracking artwork, a modular, versatile board with multiple paths to victory.  

On it like a dog on fox shit!

That sound you can hear, that’s Andy’s credit card crying.

On the Underground London/Berlin

Kickstarter Highlights - On the Underground

This is an absolutely stunning reprint of Sebastian Bleasdale’s 2006 game of the same name.  It’s a rules simple but incredibly rich and strategic game of route building to attract and appease passengers, helping the get around either London or Berlin.

If you’ve played and have mastered the original, the Berlin alternative map offers a greater challenge AND what’s more is that the Deluxe version is less than £40! 

Daring Dustbunnies

Kickstarter Highlights - Daring Dustbunnies

I have it on very good authority that the designer of this game, Andy Hopwood is a bonkers game's designer who creates belting and bloody good fun games.  I've been further assured that Daring Dustbunnies is a cracking example of that by a completely separate source.

It's a push-your-luck, hidden role game where you'll be trying to direct your dust-ball towards the Vacuum of Doom but without having your dust-ball sucked up.  Be the closest dust-ball and win points, but try not to give away which is your dust-ball.  Light and fun with a deceptively heavy dusting of tactical decisions. 

Eternal Adversary

Kickstarter Highlights - Eternal Adversary

A game of good versus evil, of order vs chaos with modern day vikings and Bushido warriors.  The parallel words of all mankind have been shattered and mixed as the chaotic lords seek to destroy everything.  

This asymmetric game is split over two phases, one where players seek to achieve their separate objects of ridding the world of chaotic rifts or seeking tokens of disorder before the ultimate showdown which pulls all the experiences of the game together for a big ol’ fight

And lest we forget…

Kickstarter Highlights Boardgame Hot Top Picks Trouble in Templetown, Endeavor Age of Expansion, Isle of Cats, Die Macher

Last week’s highlights are still going and are also still excellent choices, including Die Macher, Isle of Cats, Trouble in Temple Town and Endeavor: Age of Expansion 

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